I Do Ghana!

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this site? I stay on their Instagram and Facebook. I  also LOVE Kente cloth and I love when it’s incorporated into a wedding. I love my Ghanaian culture!!! Anywho people like Kente cloth too. Just look at my blog stats below.

On the right, you can see some of the search terms  that people use that lead them to my blog. African print dresses is number one {searched 163 times} and Kente engagement dresses is number two {searched 87 times}. Then on the right, my second highest viewed post {with 4,848 views} is For the Love of Kente Cloth. People like this ish {Kente cloth, engagement dresses, Ghanaian brides, etc} and so do I..lol #NumbersDontLie #GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant!! So let’s continue with my Kente cloth/wedding/engagement post for today!! Lots of beauty and inspiration right here in this post.

Photo Credit: TIXS Multimedia

Photo Credit: At_kixel

I am so in LOVE with her dress. It’s made by Pistis.Photo Credit: Chikis Photography

These  Krobo beads though!!! ❤

Dress by  Fanta's creationsPhoto Source: Fanta’s Creations

The bride’s dress was made by Fanta’s Creations.

Dress by  Fanta's creationsPhoto Credit: Fanta’s Creations

Bridesmaids dresses also made by Fanta’s Creations.

These bridesmaids dresses remind me of BFF’s sister’s bridesmaid dresses circa 2008 {see below}.

bff's sisters weddingDon’t they look similar??

My beautiful blogger boo Mabel. Check out her beautiful traditional engagement and wedding pics here! I love she and her hubby’s matching Kente cloth. #Beautiful

i do ghana

Photo Source: I Do Ghana fb pageOkay so there is a lot of pics below of this couple’s engagement because I am a creep! I am here for the Kente pants and the bride’s  Kente accessories. I must say that I love Kente print pants. Every pair I’ve see is so cute. I posted pics of some other ones here. I have two different Kente print cloths and I plan on making some cute pants like these ladies below.

I just love how the bridesmaids are wearing pants for the engagement. I’ve never seen such a thing. They took Ghanaian culture/tradition and added their own spin! That’s so awesome. Times are changing and this new generation is spicing thangs up…lol  I really like this A LOT!!!  These engagement pictures were taken by Afrodisiac Photography! #Beautiful ❤

Photo Credit: Evoke PicturesPhoto Credit: Evoke Pictures

But why is this baby so cute??! I cannot deal.


I am always amazed by the variety of colors Kente cloth comes in. Whenever I think of Kente cloth, I think of the traditional colors. You know orange,red, yellow, white and blue. Look at some unique color combos before.

i do ghana-white and gold kenteWhite and gold Kente cloth.

Photo Credit:NewGennPhotographyPhoto Credit: NewGenn Photgraphy

Red and gray Kente cloth. That’s really different.

photo credit: king_osasPhoto Credit: King Osas

This Kente cloth is so vibrant!! I haven’t seen this color combo before.

That’s all I got for today but I’m sure I will be back with some more Kente cloth and design inspirations. The styles and  Kente cloth patterns people rock never ceases to amaze me! I could look at pictures of these various designs and patterns all day. Check out I Do Ghana at it’s social media sites below. If you liked this post, you will not be disappointed following any one of their social media sites below {if not all of them!}. ALL of these beautiful pictures are from I Do Ghana’s Facebook page with the exception of my BFF’s sister’s wedding.




Which look above would you rock? Which look is your favorite?

Share them with me in the comments please! Have a great weekend!!!! 🙂

~Amma Mama

8 thoughts on “I Do Ghana!

  1. They are all beautiful but I love the first with the beading. I never seen the beads incorporated into the dress like that before and I love the brightness of the colors. The baby is cute too!

    • Yes I had never seen that either! Pistis is the first designer I’ve seen to do that! It adds such a special touch to the Kente cloth. Thanks for sharing your favorites Melissa ❤

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