My 5th Anniversary!

Of being natural was October 11, 2014. I’ve been in the game for 5 years. Sometimes people ask me how long I’ve been natural so since last year I’ve decided to write a post dedicated to the anniversary of my big chop! Last year’s 4th anniversary post is here. I Today I will share some hairstyles I rocked during my 4th year as well as my current products.I will also discuss what’s in store for my 5th year because I know the

Shall we begin? 🙂

I started  my 4th yr with some Marley Twists but then I realized they make my hair really dry! They’re not a good protective style for me, at least not for long.

marley twistsI rocked puffs a little bit in the fourth year but not much. My ends were always messy and my hair was uneven {my layers never really grew out}. Below are pics of good puff days.

Below is an example of my puff struggle and raggedy ends.

Anywho, my fourth year continued on with my everyday Celie Twists. Where would I be without them? They even got some shine from Black Girl Long Hair {BGLH}. Celie Twists got put on the map yo!

Click here to read that post on BGLH 🙂

Celie Twists bglhThen I did a bantu knot out for my 26th b-day and then I did it some more. I actually wanted my hair pressed but the hairstylist I asked to press it for me told me {during our consultation} that my hair was too dry for a press.

Then when it got too cold for life, I got me some braids.

winter braidsThen spring rolled around and  I got my hair pressed for my brother’s wedding. I hadn’t gotten my hair pressed since 2011 {for my co-worker’s wedding}.

 That salon experience for the wedding was a nightmare {click here to read about it} AND when I washed my press out, I had heat damage. But I did rock my press before washing it out and I didn’t go to Zumba because I didn’t want to sweat it out. I def enjoyed the pressed life. Just not the heat damage and terrible salon experience :-/

pressed life

Then I rocked braids for the rest of spring and all of summer!

Sometime in the summer, I got another press and a SERIOUS trim, more like a haircut. The girl that pressed my hair used so much heat. She really fried my hair. However, after my brother’s wedding and my experience with heat damage, I didn’t care anymore.

This is right after she pressed fried and trimmed my hair. I was surprised I still had hair. While she was doing it, I was CERTAIN I would be bald.

short hair-summerThis was literally the next day after my fry press. The curls dropped and the summer heat shrunk my already short hair.

summer fryThe ONLY good thing about this summer fry was that I was able to rock a fedora hat with a swoop in the front.

Who gon check me doe?

My hair was so short and very light as a result of the heat damage. It didn’t take much effort to blow it out. The front was so loose. Also you can see in the first pic on the left my front is shorter. That’s from the layers cut in 2011 {without my ##scissorhappystylist}. Since then, I cannot seem to get my fro to ONE LENGTH! #thestruggle It’s annoying.

*Some random 4th yr shrinkage action below {BEFORE my heat damage}*

shrinkageBetween the summer heat, Zumba, my short hair and the heat damage, my Celie Twists were looking SKIMP! They were always unraveling and they didn’t look as full. People kept telling me to brush my  The unraveling made my hair looks so messy that people thought I needed to brush it. Look how skimp they look below {pic on the left} and note this was  a good Celie Twists day right after a fresh blow out.  After Zumba or a hot summer day, it would look NOTHING like that pic on the left. I couldn’t even keep it in tact and pinned down like this. Also see how straight the top is, that’s the heat damaged area. But look at the picture on the right, that’s the fullness, Im talking bout. Peep my grandma on Christmas Day look 🙂

{LOW KEY} I don’t even wear my Celie Twists like the pic in the right. However, I do like them to look like a crown. Below is an example of how I typically rock it and it still looks fuller than the left pic above.

I was so frustrated with my natural hair AND my Celie Twists. I expressed my frustration here in this post. As a result, I decided to give Crochet Braids a shot. I am so glad I did because I almost chickened out.

My Crochet Braids took me from “0 To 100 real quick, real quick” –DriZZy voice

My Hair Goals: I want my hair back to bra strap length if not longer. I want my edges full and I want to keep dabbling in weaves. I would love a sexy bob, really big curly hair or a long flowy Brazilian. Perhaps all three! I’m so ready to experiment but I do want to maintain the health of my natural hair.  Currently, I use organic coconut oil, and Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel to lay my edges. I purchased it from Walmart. I use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo and Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner. Click here to see it. I purchased it from Target. Before blow drying my hair, I use Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Anti-Frizz Hair Serum to protect my hair from heat damage. I purchased it at Whole Foods. Click here to see what it looks like. I’ve had my crochet braids in for more than a month, I’m taking them out soon before my b-day {November 21st!!}. I plan to do a serious deep condition and just love on her…lol Update on that, my crochet braids removal process and my birthday hair coming soon. Below is throwback of my natural hair at 4 I think?? I am trying to get those edges back!!

edgesLastly, I was featured on some dope natural hair blogs in my 4th yr. Click on the names below to view my features..

Black Girl Long Hair {BGLH}

Ghanaian Naturals

Ghanaian Natural Hair Chick

Hey Natural Beauties

Klassy Kinks

Saving Our Strands 1

Saving Our Strands 2

Amber In The Sky

{Amber In The Sky is NOT a natural hair blog but this was my first photo shoot  🙂 }

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for reading 🙂


The stylist that did my braids and crochet braids is based in Bowie, MD. Let me know if you want her contact info.

 Amma Mama

25 thoughts on “My 5th Anniversary!

  1. Hello Amma,
    I enjoyed reading about your natural hair journey. Your hair has grown a lot and it looks healthy in my opinion. We have been natural for about the same amount of time and it is a journey!
    Even though we have plenty of styling options for our hair, I feel like the best way to maintain our hair is to maintain it for the way it is. There is always a negative side effect to every styling option available. Once the weaves, twists, braids and heat/straight styles are removed, I feel that I have to work with what I have and nourish it.
    You look beautiful no matter what style you chose. Love your blog. 🙂

    • Hey Melissa!
      Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. I’ve noticed a lot of naturals {including some of my friends} big chopped in 2009. I call that year of the natural hair That’s also the same year that Chris Rock’s Good Hair came out and the same year a lot of these popular natural hair vloggers
      {Natural Chica, Mahogany Curls, and Chary Jay} started documenting their natural hair journey on YouTube. The revolution will not be Yep nourishing and working with what you got is very true. Thanks for the kind words and I am so glad you love my blog. I appreciate your support and comments 🙂

  2. I LOVE this post bopz! I was cracking up at your comments. most of all I appreciate your honest recap of a natural hair journey. It ain’t always easy breezy but its all worth it at the end…sometimes lol 🙂

  3. you look gorgeous. Love your hair! That heat damage story is scary coz i tried to flat iron my hair to blend into my weave. Hope I haven’t killed it. Oh lawd….;(

    • Aww thank you 🙂 ❤
      I hope you didn't either. I doubt you used the kind of heat that salon used. They were frying my hair like an I knew they were using a lot of heat but I honestly didn't think I would have heat damage because the stylist in 2011 that pressed my hair used a lot of heat and my hair was just fine. I figured my hair was strong enough 3 years later.Fortunately, it wasn't too bad but I def noticed the change in my curl pattern.

  4. Happy Nappiversary Amma! I am just enthralled by your hair. You’ve really come a long way and you should be soooo proud for sticking it through. I cannot imagine you not natural Amma! You make me want to document my hum-drum journey. Can’t wait to see what do you next 🙂

    • Aww thanks Mabel boo!! ❤
      I do feel some sense of accomplishment because I didn't think I'd make it this far…lol
      Yea even though I sometimes talk a lot of smack, I can't see myself returning to the creamy crack.
      YES document your natural hair journey please!! I'd love to read it and I know your other readers would too!! 🙂

  5. Girl, I was amen-ing all through this post. Why does heat damage cause us to no longer care about our hair!! I know when I got it, I was just so whatever about my hair. Hence my weave now. Maybe when I care more I can restore my hair to its full glory.

  6. I really loved this post. You shared not only the good times, but the bad as well. Sometimes as bloggers, we want to show others the “good life”. But its also just as important to show the bad. LOVE IT!

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