Happy November!!

October was pretty nice! November is here and it’s my birthday month! #Turnup!! I’ll be spending my 27th birthday in Brooklyn NY! I’ve never been there. Any suggestions on places I must visit?? I’ve been to the Bronx so many times but never Brooklyn!

Anywho,I started October off right by attending an International Festival with my nieces and nephew. We watched traditional Polish, Native American and Chinese dances. It was fun.

International Festival

Kisses from my nieces!!

Kisses from my nieces

Someone fishing on a beautiful Fall day at the festival ❤

Someone fishing on a beautiful Fall DAY


Left pic: Cinnabon  Right pic: Silver Diner

Early Fall looks like a painting. The colors are so rich!

Beautiful fall day

I went to an engagement and that was so much fun! CONGRATS to the lovely  couple ❤

I went to an engagement.I took my nieceypooh to the pumpkin patch. On the left is a pic of my niece running into Fall bliss. I love that pic!

The highlight of MY October was seeing #THEBAE Keith Sweat perform LIVE at the Howard Theatre in DC. I’ve had a crush on him since I was in the 4th grade!! He’s 53 and still yummy ❤ Below is a clip of him performing “Make It Last Forever” in all his fineness.


 That’s me and my bestie waiting outside the Howard Theatre for SWV! That’s her favorite group!

Waiting for SWVSWV doing their classic hit ‘Anything’ featured in the movie Above The Rim

Peep Coko doing The Shmurda Dance in this clip below

October was filled with lots of necklaces!! I was trying to get all my necklace action in while it was still warm. I hate being cold. As a result, I refuse to take off my scarf and coat when I feel cold.

I’ll be doing a Tales Of An Accessories Addict post on cute scarves too! I am a  former recovering scarf addict! That addiction was real! I used to buy so many scarves but yet wear the same

Zara scarf

My  accessories addiction is not limited to necklaces *tee hee hee*

Below is a pic of me last fall {2013} at the U.S. National Arboretum is BEAUTIFUL ❤ It’s the perfect scenery for a photo shoot.

Last fall at the U.S. National Arboretum

How was your October? Any plans for November? Please feel free to share below as well as any  “Things To Do In Brooklyn” suggestions for my b-day trip!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Amma Mama


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