Tales of An Accessories Addict:Frugal Finds NYC

Um how come I am just finding out now about this amazing accessories store? A couple of weeks ago, I was going through my Instagram timeline and I saw the lovely Ijeoma aka Ms.Klassy Kinks rocking this beautiful necklace below!

Ijeoma Frugal findsI read her caption and she mentioned Frugal Finds NYC and their Instagram page. I head over to their page and see the website link in the bio. I click on the website link and this necklace below and the price immediately caught my eye! $18.99 is very cheap compared to what I pay for necklaces. I don’t say that to brag either. I say that because I’m an addict and pay way too much for necklaces {so my friends and loved ones say}. However, everyone has a weakness well not everyone. For some it’s shoes, bags clothes, the latest iPhone. For me it’s just necklaces. See how I try to justify this addictive behavior. For example, my brother collects watches and he spends a lot of money on each one. They’re not rinky dink watches either. But that’s him and necklaces are me.

frugal find nycI resisted the urge to purchase this necklace up until last Sat. That’s when I saw on Instagram a *Saturday Special* for this necklace only. That’s how they get you. This “special” included free shipping from NY to around my neck in MD. Sold to the crazy necklace addict!!! *auction voice* That was a “special” enough for me to cave in. I immediately felt guilty when the receipt was emailed to me. I thought to myself Seriously Amma?

There is a number of reasons why this ish is getting ridiculous.

  1. I have too many necklaces.
  2. I have recently purchased a lot of necklaces within just the last month.

My name is Amma and I am a necklace addict. I stand here today to say I DO need help.

There I said it!! Necklaces make me happy. After a long & stressful day on the job, all I want to do is go to the mall to buy a necklace and large Chick-Fil A fries. I then want to go to the food court, smother my fries in BBQ sauce and think of all the ways to rock my newest neck piece. That brings me joy. #REALtalk However, I’ve decided not to buy anymore necklaces even though I just bought one yesterday from H&M until I sell the accessories I no longer wear. I have jewelry I don’t even remember because I’ve never worn it!! That’s bad! It’s time to have an intervention/internet yard sale. I will be posting items for sale on my blog so stay tuned if you’re interested ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s not even half my stash pictured below.

necklace addictNow I’ve got that off my chest, make sure to check outย  Frugal Finds NYC for some cute and affordable accessories. Check out some of my favorites below!! Click on the pics to view the name and/or price.


ย First two pics: Zara chain and beads necklace {THANKS for my gift card Ijeoma!!!} with a new African print skirt!!!

Third & Fourth pics: Fanm Djamn Dzugudini necklace. I can’t wait to rock it with that mustard dress {I just bought from H&M}, some booties and a dark lip. Ultimate fall look!!>>>

Fifth pic: H&M short necklace {white}

Last pic: Frugal Finds NYC Vibrant Boho Collar Necklace I

As I mentioned earlier be on the look out for my intervention/internet yard sale!! Details to come soon! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict:Frugal Finds NYC

  1. Oh dear, you’ve done it again. I’m about to break out the credit card and start spending money on all these fabulous accessories, noooooo! They are all so gorgeous, and I love your collection too (yes I will be looking out for the sale posts! ha!). Side note – love your hair too, just lush and GORGEOUS! xx

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  3. Everytime I read your accessories posts, I want to go shopping!! A sale sounds interesting. Maybe also do a girly sales night as well- have some light refreshments, get your jewellery out, in fact- get your mates to bring their jewellery too that they dont wear/have never worn-and you guys can swop away! You know what they say, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Look at me getting all in your Sales business, tsigh…ha!

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