I Got a Cute African Print Skirt!


I was so inspired by my post Cute African Print Skirts. As a result, when my oldest brother asked me what I wanted him to get me sewn during his  recent vay k in Ghana, I immediately text him the pics below along with my measurements! I mean you can’t go wrong with a skirt. You just cannot mess that up with the right measurements and plenty of pictures. I chose a skirt to be on the safe side {I’ve had terrible dresses/outfits made} but also because I REALLY wanted a cute skirt to rock this fall before it gets too cold.

Below are the pics I text him. The skirt on the left is by Chen Burkett NY who hosted her first ever trunk show at the Nubian Hueman one year anniversary celebration this past Saturday!   The skirt on the right was made by Reuben Reul of Demestik Designs New York.

This what he brought me back!!!

I don’t even think my iPhone pics do this skirt enough justice. It’s much more beautiful in person. I love the print my brother chose. He has great taste! This skirt is everything & more! It looks  just like the pics I text him! I love it so much that  I wore it two days in a row. I wore it for a third time at the Nubian Hueman Anniversary celebration this past Saturday!  I was a volunteer for the event and I knew this skirt would be perfect for the occasion. A lot of people assumed I purchased the skirt from Nubian Hueman since the boutique sells lots African print clothing.  Below is a picture me wearing it at the event for third time {in a week} this past Saturday. #IAmARepeatOffender #IRepeatLikeNoOther #DontJudgeMe I’d wear it everyday if I could! That’s how much I love it. I feel like the  Ashanti princess that I am..lol

Nubian Hueman annoversarySidenote: I FINALLY got my crochet braids, that’s them in this pic above!!! Details to come in a separate post!

I want to get more skirts made!!!! Especially before fall ends. The next skirt I get made I want it to look just like my current but I need it to have pockets. Because sharing is always caring, I am linking below some online stores that sell cute African print skirts and were not included in my  previous post entitled Cute African Print Skirts. Every week via Instagram, I am finding out about more online stores and designers that sell and or make African print clothing. I will keep the blog updated with my latest finds. The African print/Ankara craze/trend is REAL and I am here for it!..lol


Kaela Kay on Zuvaa

These skirts are available on Zuvaa now and are from their newest vendor Kaela Kay. Zuvaa has three pages of their store dedicated to skirts only. Click here to view the skirts starting from page one.


These necklaces though!!!!>>>>

Simply Cecily

simply cecily


Just wanted to mention:

I recently saw one of my favorite style bloggers Christina of Just Missed The Runway rocking the cutest African print skirt!! She had this lovely skirt made on her recent trip to Ghana. I must say that I vowed to never get a pencil skirt made out of African cloth. I had a terrible experience during my last trip to Ghana in 2012. I asked the seamstress for a pencil skirt and I think I even showed her a picture. I did not get that pencil skirt and I was so upset. What she sewed didn’t look like my picture or my vision. After that experience, I made a mental note to never ever ask a seamstress to sew me  a pencil skirt. Yes I am that dramatic..lol However, Christina’s skirt gives me hope. If I ever ask for a pencil skirt again, I am taking her pictures below to my seamstress. She looks amazing and she is giving me First Lady O. This right here is Afroclassy/Afrochic/Afrocorporate.  Yep alla dat!..lol You can view her full outfit post on her blog here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Have a great day 🙂

~Amma Mama

17 thoughts on “I Got a Cute African Print Skirt!

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  3. Omg I just looooooove your blog. I’m new to the US (AZ) of East African heritage but Namibian citizenship. I’m pudding basically. Anyway I adore your blog and gravitate to anything African when I’m slightly homesick and this blog is something I doscvered when I stumbled across an African city. Thanks for sharing! Love your energy 😄

    • Welcome! 🙂
      Arizona sounds lovely. I have always wanted to visit there. How do you like it? Lol at pudding, nice mix. I am glad you like my blog. Your comment really made my day and it is one of the sweetest comments I’ve ever recieved on my blog. Thank you so much for the kind words and for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger 🙂 ❤

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