Tales of An Accessories Addict: Aldo Accessories Wishlist


I got my necklace I talked about in last week’s post!! I went to the Aldo Accessories store {in Columbia Mall} if you live in MD and there were so many in stock there. I first saw this necklace during the spring back in May. I was so sure there wouldn’t be anymore left in the store, let alone a lot! But the saleslady at the store told me that a lot of people are intimidated by it. I know I was! I liked it in May when I first saw it but I thought it had too much going on for me. I am a bit of a plain Jane. I wasn’t sure what I could possibly where with it. At the time, I thought maybe a cute white tee but what else? So I didn’t get it until I saw Tee wearing it. I was then inspired! I decided to wear it this past Saturday to the Silver Spring Jazz festival. I paired it with some cute tribal pants {from Mustard Seed} and gold hoops. I don’t usually wear gold hoops with my necklaces. I usually wear some small studs but I needed some  extra spice. I also would normally wear a solid color {such as a simple black dress} with such an extravagant  colorful necklace. I have the perfect black dress too. Its long, sleeveless and slim fitting. However, I like being bright and colorful. I’m not really a black clothing type of girl. That’s why I wore a white tank instead of a black tank {which is what I usually wear with these tribal pants}. I also usually where my favorita Zara necklace  but I ditched that for my new baby. I wear the same outfits a lot in the summer {and in general} so I rely on my necklaces to always spice thangs up..lol #TRUESTORY



I prefer my Jazz festival look {first pics}. The Aldo necklace adds this bohemian chic {as my BFF said}. I also got some gold hoops from Aldo Accessories. I got two pairs {large hoops that were $6.00 and medium hoops-$5.00 that I’m wearing in the pic above with the new necklace}. I saw the items below in person and they really caught my eye!



I think I am over buying earrings though. I have so many I don’t even wear, I end up losing them or breaking them. However, these were still really pretty in person.




This necklace didn’t appeal to me when I saw it online but it’s very pretty in person. I love the colors. The fuchsia and gold look so good together. I wanted to buy it.

HERRACIA- On Sale $29.98


This necklace is SO PRETTY! I kept looking at it. The colors were just as lovely in person.



This necklace is dramatic up close but I like it! I would so buy it even though the colors are not my style. I like it still.



I was hoping to see this necklace up close but it wasn’t there. I like it but I do need to see it first.

I need to keep my eye on Aldo Accessories. I have been so focused on Zara’s necklaces that I totally forgot about the Aldo Accessories store.There are a lot of Aldo Shoe stores BUT I’ve only seen one “Aldo Accessories” store and that is the one at Columbia Mall. I’ve been going there for years but hadn’t been there since May. It’s a great store and perfect for gift shopping for a girlfriend. They have cute bags, earrings, scarfs and much more. I just found out via Google that there is also an Aldo Accessories at Pentagon City in VA.

Would you rock any of these necklaces? If so which one? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading and have a great week 🙂

~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: Aldo Accessories Wishlist

  1. I love Silver Spring and ALDO! I have yet to go to Columbia Mall. I just visited Montgomery Mall the ALDO is nice there too.

    • Please excuse my late reply, I like Montgomery Mall much more, especially the Zara. Unfortunately, they don’t have an H&M like Columbia Mall. I love the Aldo Accessories store in Columbia mall as well as the Forever 21 accessories store called For Love 21 {I used to get my life in there..lol}. Are you from this area?
      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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