#TBT to My Celie Twists!

The style that  I love and hate all at the same time! Sometimes I miss my hair {while its in braids} and cannot wait to rock this. Sometimes I feel like a princess with a crown and other times I feel like a librarian {NO SHADE to librarians}. I feel like this hairstyle has run it’s course in my life. I want to go on a “No Celie Twists ” diet but I don’t know if that is possible unless I am bald! That’s like telling me to stop eating chips or candy..lol  Ain’t gonna happen! When pigs fly! But this Fall and for the rest of this year I really want to spice thangs up and have fun with my hair. Hair is an accessory to me. Do what you like and whatever makes you feel sexy! We all have the right to feel sexy, IN MY OPINION.  But I feel bored!celie

I have contemplated shaving all my hair off, shaving only the sides OR relaxing again. Or pressing it and blending it with a sexy Brazilian weave until the wheels fall off. Lol yep true story! I am going to be 27 soon and I just want to change/spice thangs up with my look. Life is about evolving and growing! I want my appearance to reflect that BUT I also want to stay true to myself and my personal style. *Le Sigh* I told my sister-in-law I wanted to or that was thinking about relaxing my hair again and her response was “Hell no, I won’t let you do that”. LOL I mean I don’t know if I would really go through with relaxing my hair again {memories of the relaxer’s smell make me cringe} but summins gotta give!

I love these crochet braids that The Chic Natural did in this video. I am OBSESSED with these curls. When I do crochet braids, I want to rock the same curls! These curls take me back to my relaxed days! My curls were on POINT! I miss the length I had with my curls!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

After I take out these braids, I want my sissy in law to do the The Chic Natural’s hairstyle for me! She’s never done crochet braids but she watched the video above and said she will try it on me. She’s a hairstylist so I think I trust her..lol

We’ll see..lol

Have you ever felt SO OVER your hair or look? What did you do or what do you do when you feel that way?

Please do share!!! 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant if you made it through..LOL

Have a blessed day!

~Amma Mama


18 thoughts on “#TBT to My Celie Twists!

    • Thanks for the suggestions hun. I have actually considered all of them too. Especially the color and tapered cut.
      Yep you’re right because when I was relaxed I was bored too *yawns*
      All I did was rock a flat wrap or put it in curls..lol

  1. I totally feel the same! And there ain’t no sin in wanting to relax your hair, its not like your going back to smoking or something lol! I sometimes feel like I want to add colour to my hair or get a tapered cut but the maintenance that comes with a tapered cut it not for me. And the dryness that comes after you have added colour to your hair is also not for me… sigh! what is a girl to do?? I do miss being able to get a weave so easily and leave my hair out though. ..

    • Lol at the smoking comment. I feel you on both sides. I dyed my hair years ago and the dryness was terrible. My hair felt like a haystack. Now, I must admit it was not done professionally but still. And I also like the tapered cut but I am not about that maintenance either. I am already too lazy with my hair. I feel like that cut would require a lot of time and money.

    • Yess RiRi is fully of hair and style inspiration! BSL, nice! Yea weave is nice but every time I’ve done it without leaving my own hair out, it always ends up looking wiggish and crazy. I haven’t done a weave leaving my natural hair out because that would require a lot of blending and pressing. I work out and sweat a lot but I’ll see. I low key wanna shave it all off..lol Thanks for the nomination, I’ll check it out 🙂

  2. I just found your blog and am going through your previous posts! I love this style on you because even though it is simple, it is elegant and beautiful. I, too, like to rock this style. Problem is that it doesn’t come out as nice on me! LOL…

    • Aww thanks for the kind words Nikki!! Practice makes perfect. Keep at it. I have done it so much now but when I first started they were not that nice. Sometimes I look at old pics and I’m like eeeek :-/…lol Thanks for commenting 🙂

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