LOVE! {African Style}


I just love when couples rock matching African outfits! It’s so adorable! When get married  I want my husband and I to rock matching Kente outfits like the couple below!!  Be on the look out for a “For the Love of Kente Cloth Part DEUX!” I have seen images online of the CUTEST Kente outfits and accessories. Can you believe to date that “For the Love of Kente Cloth” is my MOST viewed post? I am really excited about that because my love for Kente cloth runs very deep! The post has 2,526 views! WOWZERS!  Anywho here are some beautiful images of matchy match loving with African style.

Photo Credit: TIX Multimedia

 Photo Credit: TIXS Multimedia

Photo Source: TIXS Multimedia Facebook

Actress MaameYaa Boafo and Singer husband Abiah

Actress MaameYaa Boafo and Singer husband Abiah

I found this image of them on Pinterest but if you know the photographer, please let me know 🙂

Photo Credit: Kristin Morin

Photo Credit: Kristin Morin

Photo Source: Munaluchi Bride

Photo Credit: Alex KoteiFashion & Style Blogger Prissy of Prissyville and her adorable niece!

Photo Credit: Alex Kotei 

Photo Source: Prissyville

Bro and sis in law

My brother and sister-in-law at their wedding last spring. I wish my mom got Kente cloth for them. They still look cute  but she needs to do BETTER for my wedding because this is #Unacceptable


 Photo Credit:TIXS Multimedia

Photo Source: TIXS Multimedia Facebook

Photo Credit: Rhphotoarts

Photo Credit: Rhphotoarts

I LOVE these pics! I am going to try and make this Love with African Style an every Friday thing!

I also have a Pinterest for this. It’s called Love {African Style}.

Have an AWESOME weekend and thank you for stopping by !! 🙂

~Amma Mama

15 thoughts on “LOVE! {African Style}

  1. Hey hun,
    I lLOVE Kente Cloth and jus afican cloth in general!!!!!!! The obsession is real.. the possibilities of what can be done with them is unimaginable! i loved the pic of the mother and her baby!!! Awwwwwww I want that to me and my mini me one day.. low key plotting.. lol.. LOVE THE BLOG as per usual GREAT JOB!

    • Hey Becs! That’s one of my fav style bloggers and her niece.Either way, it’s still super cute and you can do the same with your future mini me or future niece!!!!!!! *wink wink*
      *crosses fingers*
      *Insert sly face emoji*…lol
      Anywho, thanks for commenting and always supporting my blog 🙂

  2. Beautiful Africans! Bold colors are beautiful against our skintones! I love kente cloth but it is difficult to find a cute mini skirt or shorts. Love all the love!

    • I love Nigerian lace! My oldest brother {not the one pictured in this post} and his wife wore Nigerian lace for their traditional engagement. I’m going to have to dig up those pics for Next Friday’s post. I love Nigerian weddings, the gele, the lace and those coral beads. Just vibrant and beautiful. I’d love to feature a pic from your wedding on next Friday’s post and link it back to your blog! If you’re interested, please email the pic to If not I totally understand. I am glad you like this new series. I will def continue and thanks for commenting!!! 🙂

    • Hey boo! I love matchymatchy bff’s and family too! My bro, sis-in law and their three kids just went to Ghana. I told my brother to make sure they all get matching cloths sewn so that when they come back to the Maryland they can wear it for a family pic. #SpecialOrders…lol

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