Fest Africa 2014 is TOMORROW!!

And on Sunday!

FestAfrica-2014_Afropolitan-Youth-African-Festival-Poster1Am I  a dweeb for being excited? I have been attending Fest Africa since the summer of 2011. I  had a blast last summer and I can honestly say that it was my BEST Fest Africa experience ever!! I only attended one day {Saturday} last summer {it’s a two-day festival}. I think I’ll do both days this weekend! In honor of the African festival I most look forward to every summer, I will share below some pictures and video clips from Fest Africa 2013.

Fashion Show


 Sometimes festivals bring out attendants in their flyest gear.

If you come this weekend and you eat meat, get some meat kebabs from Suya To Go. They’re sooo YUMMY!

Also get a smoothie inside of a pineapple and lunch. Basically come with an empty stomach…lol #Imjustsayingdoe

Lots of vendors!!

Un Afrik  Dance is so AWESOME! They’re going to be performing this weekend too! #CrowdPleaser

This summer’s Fest Africa will be epic! The weather is going to be good too! last year was very hot but this weekend’s forecast {below} is sunny and comfortable! If you’re not busy, it’s worth coming out for 🙂


Fest Africa on Social Media





Will you be at Fest Africa 2014? Have you attended Fest Africa in the past?

Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

~Amma Mama

P.S. PanaFest USA is on Saturday September 27, 2014. It’s held at the same spot Fest Africa is. I went last year. My recap post is here and my recap videos are all here.

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