That Guy

That GuyThis is my absolute favorite web series hands down! I am hooked and a certified addict. I watched all the seasons {only two, 27 episodes ) this past weekend. I laughed AND grinned so hard. I LOVE this show!! Thanks to my good friend Bebe for putting me on. The First series ended and I was itching for a new web series. I saw That Guy was starring Will Catlett who also stars in theFirst series. I watched a little bit of That Guy episode 1 of season 1 and I was CONFUSED to say the least. Will Catlett’s character {Mike} was soooo different from his character in First {he’s an excellent actor by the way}! I was like um no, not feeling this but my friend Bebe told me it gets BETTER after episode 1 and insisted I hang in there. I am so glad I did!!!!This show is so raw , organic and genius! Kudos to the creator Jeanine Daniels and the entire cast. I love it!!!! It’s the real deal Holyfield. Below are some of my favorite episodes!!!  I am so #TeamMikeandDenise that I forget that relationship ain’t real…lol  They look so GOOD together and their chemistry is one hunnid!  l am also #TeamJeromeandDeon, they remind me of Martin and Gina. Mike and Denise kind of give me a little Baby Boy vibe just a {SIGH} I am done, check out my fav episodes below 🙂


THAT GUY | Walk Of Shame | 05

THAT GUY | That Coldest BBQ | 07 

THAT GUY | Catching Feelings??? | Episode 06 (S2)

 THAT GUY | Kids R Us | Episode 09 (S2)

Seasons 1 & 2 Playlist

Below are some pics of the cast and pics of Mike and Denise. They’re so adorbz and I couldn’t resist. I know it’s just a show *side eye*. As much as I like their chemistry, I also like Judah and Mike’s friendship. They have such a funny and simple relationship

Photos: That Guy Instagram

Have you seen That Guy? Do you like it or nah? What web series do you watch?

I was told to watch Roomie Lover Friends, Dormtainment, Hello Cupid, Love Handles and Band of Artists. However, I am soooo STUCK on this right I can’t wait for the That Guy movie!! That’s next on the agenda according to the show’s creator.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Amma Mama

4 thoughts on “That Guy

    • Yes you should!! Every time I talk about web series, someone always recommends Roomie Lover Friends. I tried watching it upon the numerous recommendations but I was so lost! I’ll try again and start from the beginning.
      Thanks for commenting & following my blog 🙂

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