Cool Tees!

I love graphic tees! What better time to rock a cute graphic tee than in the summer!?! I wanted to share some cool companies that make some cute tees!

1. Republic & CompanyBruh Man 5th Flo' Tank Top

For all my Martin fans this company has the cutest shirts pertaining to the classic hit 90s tv show!!!  However, this Bruh Man 5th Flo’ Tank Top has to be my FAV! If you’re a Martin fan, you understand the significance of the four fingers used to represent the “Fifth Flo”…LOL Oh Bruh Man! Check out some classic Bruh Man clips right here. I LOVE Martin<3

 2. The Hillman College Bookstore

Hillman GradWhere are all my A Different World fans at?? #TeamWhitneyandDwayne < Oh yea! I actually own a Hillman College shirt! I love it! The day I wore it, a black man stopped me on the street and said “That’s Bill Cosby’s school!!” I had to explain to him that Bill Cosby is a Temple University alum in real life. However, on The Cosby Show his character “Dr. Cliff Huxtable” graduated from Hillman College. His daughter on the show Denise {played by Lisa Bonet} attended Hillman College and that is where the spin-off show A Different World came from. This brother looked so CONFUSED after my explanation..LOL However, according to Wikipedia the real Hillman College was a Mississippi women’s college from 1853-1942,  full info here. But the Hillman College on the show was a fictional college in Virginia.hillman2_479479The original Hillman hunnies! Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable in the middle! I do NOT like the episodes with Denise. They were dry and so was the theme song that season 😦 The show got so much better when she and the token white girl left. #NoShade Just keeping it one hunnid! The first season was awkward :-/

Pictured below,I am rocking my Hillman College tee {this was the day that confused brotha stopped me, bless his heart)!  I even got a fake  Hillman College acceptance letter with my How cute and creative? Loves it ❤

They have other cool tees too! I particularly love this Randy Watson one.


*stomps feet*

*drops mic*

*Exits stage*

If you have no clue what I am talking about, please click here and get yo life! * Tamar Braxton voice*

Coming to America-Randy Watson

3. Allen and Fifth

4. Kayobi Clothing

I love the World Cup soccer shirt, it’s so cute! Peep An African City stars MaameYaa Boafo and Nana Mensah. Also peep Fashion Stylist/Publicist Afua Rida of House of Cramer  rocking these cute tees 🙂

 5. DOPEciety

To all my DMV folks, DOPEsciety is having a trunk show in DC on Aug 16, 2014 hosted by Nubian Hueman. See the flyer below!

DOPEciety flyer

5. Contemporary Negro

I love the Queen tee, peep me rocking it <3!

6. Respect Your Struggle

 7. Haus of Swag


Take a look at some of my cool tee swag below! I like Tupac tees! Can you tell?.lol I have one more Tupac tee {from Forever 21), not pictured below. I LUH dat man ❤

Ready to Die album cover racer back tank- Forever 21

Tupac Muscle tee-Forever 21

Bob Marley Graphic Tank-Forever 21 {still in stock!}

Tupac tank {birthday gift!}- H&M

I like this All Eyez On Me Tupac Tee from Urban Outfitters, it’s so cute! #Icantgetenoughofhim

all eyez on me

I also like this Open-Back Bob Marley Muscle Tank from Forever 21. It’s simple & sexy.

I like to rock my graphic tees with a cute necklace, coochie cutters {aka booty shorts}, a cute skirt or nice fitted denim jacket and also skinny jeans. How do you rock your graphic tees and what kind of graphic tees do you like? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

~Amma Mama

20 thoughts on “Cool Tees!

  1. Amma I freaking love you! Needed this post in my life… where is my credit card… and can we also please just have a moment of silence for the sheer awesomeness that is your hair!??!! xxxx

  2. I love this post too ladies. I haven’t rocked a cool tee in a good while but when i do, i am going to rock it with a fitted pencil skirt and some heels. My second look will be with a cool pair of jeans!! Thanks for another awesome post Amma!!

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