Tales of An Accessories Addict: I AM a Fanm Djamn

I am a Fanm Djanm

What is a “Fanm Djamn”?

Fanm Djamn

Other than being a DOPE online accessories/clothing store, check out the  real meaning below!!

Fanm Djanm (Fum|Jum) means “Strong Woman”.We are not just a headwrap line. We are a movement created to empower and inspire women from around the world to live BOLDLY through arts and fashion.- Fanm Djamn

Fanm DjanmCan I just say that if I were rich I would by just about every necklace on this site!!! Like seriously! And if I knew how to tie a headwrap, I would probably buy one..lol However, I am excited about my latest accessory purchase that comes from Fanm Djamn!! It’s the BEAUTIFULDzugudini” necklace below. It’s from Northeast India and I think it’s so beautiful.

DzugudiniBelow is more information about Fanm Djamn and it’s creator Paola Mathe.

The brand: A collection of colorful and stylish headwraps to celebrate strong women from around the world.

The movement: There are strong women everywhere. Some know their strength, and others haven’t yet figured theirs out. This brand is to empower women from all walks of life to be bold, beautiful, and powerful.

Fanm Djanm

Owner: Paola Mathe is a lifestyle blogger of Haitian descent based in New York City. She is the Haitian girl from a small town in Haiti, making and living her dreams in the big city. Follow Paola’s blog and her other project, Ansanm Nou Se Ayiti (Together We are Haiti.)

This project is dedicated to:

-Paola’s mother, a fanm djanm in every sense of the word.

-Women who wake up before dawn or stay out late to make a living for their children.

-Women who overcome obstacles and still find a reason to smile.

-Women who lift each other up. And those who dream and follow them.

Source: About-Fanm Djamn


I’d like to share below some necklaces from Fanm Djamn that I’m lusting for  feening for I like.


This Tibetan necklace below is HOT but it’s sold out.

The necklaces, models, headwraps and Paola are all a FEAST for my eyes! The pics and inspire me and make me happy. See some of my favorites below. I’d post every pic if I could! #Obsessed #Inspired #LOVE
Fanm Djanm on Social Media!!!
Paola Mathe {creator/founder} on Social Media!!!!

Would you rock the necklaces or head-wraps? Let me know below! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

UPDATE******** EDIT********* 7/20/14****

MY NECKLACE CAME!!!!!!!!!!! It was shipped on Wed and came Saturday {yesterday}. I took off my Zulu necklace & put it on immediately. The thirst was too REAL!

My Dzugudin

~Amma Mama

8 thoughts on “Tales of An Accessories Addict: I AM a Fanm Djamn

  1. This brand is way up my street, I am a recovering turban addict, ha! I also love the bronze and black necklace with the 3 masks. Btw, you won my Blog Giveaway, I hope you got my email and it did not go to yr Spam!

    • We have similar taste because that’s the necklace I ordered. It’s really beautiful! I love the turbans but I have never ever rocked one! Shame I know, I’m missing out..lol
      I got your email and just reponded. Thank you VERY MUCH Biki 🙂

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