I Am Klassy Kink of the Month!

HAPPY 4TH beautiful people! 🙂Klassy Kink of the Month


I’ve been featured on Klassy Kinks as Klassy Kink of the Month. If you’d like to check out my feature, click here. THANK YOU Ijeoma for having me on your fabulous blog as  Klassy Kink of the Month AND as a monthly contributor!

Below are all my posts as monthly contributor for this fabulous blog. If you click on the title, you will be led to the post. Feel free to read and comment! Also subscribe to Klassy Kinks if you’d like.  Also if you want to be taken to the websites of some of the lovely ladies pictured below, just click on their picture! 🙂


November 2013Proof You Can Shave Your Head and Be a Showstopper

Photo Source: Alex Elle http://alexelle.com/post/87611124330/so-i-went-back-to-jothebarber-today-and-i-am

Photo Source: Alex Elle

{I wasn’t actually monthly contributor at this time but Ijeoma liked this post and re-posted it on her blog. She edited it but the original {Shaved Hair Don’t Care} and full post can be found on my blog here.) Alex Elle is so gorgeous!

December 2013- Good and Bad Hair

Spike Lee School DazeEven though I wrote this post, I am not sure I 100% agree with it! Sometimes it’s best to just write what YOU like rather than writing what you think will be “controversial” or get a lot of comments! #FoodforThought This was my first official post as monthly contributor.

January 2014-  Can I Touch Your Hair?

unnamendFebruary 2014- Do You Compensate for Being Natural?

Photo Of: Kadija Kamara; London Based Singer-Songwriter – Photographer: Simon Klyne

Photo Of: Kadija Kamara; London Based Singer-Songwriter – Photographer: Simon Klyne

This post got a lot of attention! It was even re-posted on Black Girl Long Hair! I have yet to read the  120 comments on the BGLH re-post. My BFF told me they weren’t bad and to go read them..lol Sometimes the comments on BGLH {like many popular blogs} can be brutal. I’ll leave it at that!

March 2014- Spring Naturalistas!

Paola of  findingpaola.com

Paola of findingpaola.com

April 2014- Tips for Finding a Good Natural Hair Salon


May 2014The Bride Wants Me to Press My Hair

Beauty Blogger KeetaRay

Beauty Blogger KeetaRay

June 2014- Why Attend Summer Natural Hair Events?Natural Chica and I My posts are  posted every third Wednesday of the month! Thanks for stopping by and Happy 4th of July!! Have a great weekend also & God bless! 🙂

~Amma Mama


2 thoughts on “I Am Klassy Kink of the Month!

  1. You were voted as Klassy Kink of the Month, oooOOOH SNAP!! Thats great, well done! And you are right the great thing about our hair is we have so many options open to us! Your article about Natural Hair Compensation, is extremely apt. My hair is still super short and I compensate for that by buying statement hair accessories. And whilst in Berlin, I only wear Look At Me earrings/necklaces (which i love anyway). And this is not just coz of my short hair, but coz i want to highlight my other features like my neck and collarbone which are now more ‘out there’ due to not having a long mane. But I have to say when I went to Nigeria for my new job, i had to scale things down and in the beginning I felt kinda naked/exposed, but in time I did get used to it and didnt care…

    • Thanks Biki!!
      I am glad you didn’t care! Sometimes it takes time to get used to rocking your personal style in a new environment. But I am glad you gotta used to it. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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