All Things Nigeria Festival {RECAP}

Hello there!
So the festival was on Monday, Memorial Day but I don’t have much to recap. It started at 10am according to the flyer but I didn’t arrive until about 3:30pm. I was a bit delayed since I returned from Cincinnati that morning. When I arrived, it was pretty empty and there was just music playing. If you live in the Silver Spring area, you know downtown Silver Spring festivals are never “empty”. I started to think that perhaps there wasn’t much advertisement done for the festival. When I mentioned it to two of my Nigerian co-workers, they didn’t have a clue about it. As a result, I was a bit hesistant in regards to how good it would be. Especially because someone commented on the Bella Naija post about it and wrote “Since its a first edition, i may most likely not attend”. You know the first of anything can be kind of However, I decided to be optimistic and give it a try. I was a let down because it was not good. There were not a lot of vendors there, the performances were not that great and neither was the fashion show. The festival just seemed like it was put together at the very last minute. It didn’t do Nigeria justice. I was expecting it to be an extravagant Nigerian cultural experience. I have attended great African festivals in Downtown Silver Spring. Such as Fest Africa and the Pan African Cultural Festival. Despite it not meeting my expectations, it was nice to put on my coochie cutters aka booty shorts aka daisy dukes  aka short shorts and get some Vitamin D.

group pi cThe BEST part of the festival was seeing my Ghanaian bead lady!! I got a necklace & bracelet set from her at Fest Africa last summer. I had been wanting this particular necklace for awhile.  I don’t care too much for the matching bracelet though. However, I do ADORE this necklace. I saw it at Fest Africa and the Pan African Cultural festival last year. necklace

Of course I can get it cheaper in Ghana but I can’t wait for December. PLUS I may not see this exact necklace. *The accessories addict attempts to explain herself.* My friends thought it was overpriced but according to my bead lady {I don’t know her name}, she was actually giving me a discount because it was supposed to be $30.00 for the set. However, she charged me only $20.00. I don’t think that is too much for the necklace and bracelet. I mean of course it’s cheaper in Ghana. However, we’re not in Ghana , the cost of living is higher here and she needs to also pay a vendor fee for selling her beads at the festival.  A sista has got to make a profit! This all has to be taken into account. Plus, she told me these beads can talk but my best friend didn’t hear anything *side eye*. I don’t even believe that anyways…lol If you’re interested in beads, she is usually at the downtown Silver Spring flea market {across the street from the movie theater} every Saturday. She is also usually at every African festival held in downtown Silver Spring. She sells waist beads, bracelets, necklaces and more! I’ll make sure to get her name and card next time. If you don’t live in the area, you can purchase beads online from Mawuvios Outreach Programme or RosabijouxBeads.

All in all, I don’t regret going but it was not good. However, I would give it another try since it was the first. I did leave with this nice tune below stuck in my head. It makes me wanna shake my butt. I am so late with all the Naija hits but better late than never 🙂

Did you attend the festival? What did you think of it?

I will be posting upcoming events and festivals for the month of June in another post.

Thanks for reading 🙂

~Amma Mama

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