Sweet Mother <3

GeorgiMy slight Mother’s Day playlist ❤

Prince Nico Mbarga- Sweet Mother

Tupac- Dear Mama

Boyz II Men- A Song for Mama


Happy Mother’s Day ❤

~Amma Mama


4 thoughts on “Sweet Mother <3

  1. I love the old pictures of your ma, she’s so pretty! I also miss that trend, i.e almost every girl I know has a mum with a picture similar to that, i.e b/white, looks like it was taken in a studio etc. They are great memories to pass down to the children. She also had a great afro!

    • Aww thanks Biki ❤
      I love those old school pics too and yep a lot of my friends' moms have similar pics too! My mommy has a lot of old school pictures.

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