Tales of an Accessories Addict

True Life: I am addicted to accessories!
Scarves, bags, purses, clutches, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I need help but I really don’t want to be helped {low key}..lol I rather by accessories as opposed to clothing and other life necessities. I am getting better though because there was a time that I didn’t have clothes to wear. All I had was a bunch of jewelry, bags and scarves. I consider my style to be simple & chic but I love spicing it up with accessories. Accessories can really add to an outfit. Especially if you have one of a kind accessories/statement pieces. I take pictures of my accessories a lot {go ahead and judge me}. My phone is getting full so I started a Pinterest board here in order to keep track of my pics as well as share them for inspiration/ideas.  I will also share my accessories weekly {or whenever} here on the blog in posts entitled “This week in accessories”. I will share where I purchased the items from and share a link for purchase if possible! So let’s get started with this week in accessories, starting from Sat up until yesterday {Tues} 🙂 Click on picture to enlarge.


IMG_8419             Diamante and Cord necklace- ZARA

The colors are much lighter on ZARA’s website but it’s actually very neon in person. I don’t really think my picture or the one ZARA’s website does the neon any justice. However, my picture is a more accurate reflection.

photo(32) 2                                                                                                    Cross ring: ALDO Accessories

I purchased this ring about a year ago from ALDO Accessories. That is the name of the actual store in Columbia Mall {if you reside in MD}.

Bracelet  # 1:  Annual Fest Africa in Downtown Silver Spring, MD last summer

Bracelet # 2: Mawuvios

fav flower earrings


Earrings: Forever 21

These floral stud earrings are my favorite. I have MANY floral stud earrings {because I have a thing for flowers} but these are just so perfect and feminine. Especially for the springtime! I got them from Forever 21 in Montgomery Mall. This particular Forever 21 has a vast array of stud earrings! I go there just to get my fix! They’re not available anymore but I found some similar ones on Forever 21’s website here. All I did was type “floral studs” into the search box . These pictures of me were taken on Sunday by filmmaker, photographer, blogger, world traveler and woman extraordinaire Amberly Alene Ellis. I will actually be interviewing her about her film work in a blog feature. She just released her latest documentary online entitled “Bullets Without Names“.  I can’t wait to share her full feature on my blog but in the meantime you can follow her on her blog Amber in the Sky to view her photography and take glimpses at some of her travels! If you live in the DMV and are looking for a wonderful photographer, contact her 🙂 I will share more deets regarding my photoshoot in another post but you can see more pics on my About  page.

boho gal

Ring: Boho Gal

I ordered this ring online two years ago from Boho Gal. It is my second favorite ring to wear.


DOUBLE CHAIN NECKLACE                                                                                               ZARA- Double Chain Necklace

I am really into orange and yellow this spring. I think this is so cute!

ZARA is my spot for necklaces and Forever 21 and ALDO Accessories are my spots for stud earrings.

Where do you buy accessories? What are your favorite kinds of accessories?

Feel free to comment below and thanks for stopping by! I think I will do “This week in Accessories” perhaps every Wed..?

Amma Mama

9 thoughts on “Tales of an Accessories Addict

  1. I love the way you have a Pinterest board for your accessories- that’s true dedication! I looove the necklace you are wearing with your Tupac T (which I heart as well). I’m an accessories fiend, no matter how broke I am, I know I can get an accessory! Like you, I’m really into my statement pieces. I love scouting vintage markets for those cheap fab one-off pieces you can get!

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