An African City: Episode 4

In ‘A Customs Emergency’, the girls navigate through issues of dependency…with Sade’s dependency dilemma being the most “interesting” of the group.

A special thank you to Unknown Collections, Osei Duro, Afrodesiac, Kiki clothing and Christie Brown. Like the music? A special thank you to Samini!

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Cute looks below from Episode 4!!

I live for Kente cloth {lol} so I am really loving Makena’s (played by Marie Humbert) dress in the restaurant scene. Simple, chic and sexy.

Marie Humbert aka Makena

Marie Humbert aka Makena

Esosa E aka Ngozi

Esosa E aka Ngozi

Necklace: Unknown Collection

Jumpsuit: Afrodesiac Worldwide

Ngozi and Zainab played by Esosa E and Maame Adjei

Ngozi and Zainab played by Esosa E and Maame Adjei

Maame Adjei in Osei Duro

An African City Ep 4

An African City Ep 4

Photos: Marie Humbert ‘Official’/ Esosa E IG/ An African City FB

This episode literally had me LOL. I really like Sade (played by Nana Mensah who is a natural!). Sade really shined in this episode and I love her comedic timing. I would compare her to Toni from Girlfriends. She’s shallow, blunt, but witty so it’s hard to dislike her (just like Toni). YES I am going to always find some way to compare this show to Girlfriends {lol} because I never watched Sex in the City so I can’t really compare it to that.  However, #BBCTrending  recently compared it to Sex in the City here.

BBC Trending!

What did you think of episode 4?

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