My FAV Ghanaians on YouTube!

Hey everyone!

Now I don’t discriminate here on the blog! HOWEVER, since it was Ghana’s 57th Independence Day last Thursday {3/6/14} and I watch a lot of YouTube videos, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite Ghanaians on YouTube! Below is my list but it isn’t in any particular order:-)

1. LizLizLive

Liz lives in London. She recently big chopped but she is not a natural hair expert {neither am I). She is still learning the ropes. However, on her channel she has makeup tutorials, style look books, hair reviews, hair tutorials, beauty tips, different tag videos and etc. She is also currently on a 2014 health, fitness and weight loss journey.

2. Clifford Owusu

1455029_231241757050459_493529844_nClifford lives in New York. He states on his Facebook page “My goal is to promote happiness, laughter and positive thinking through my words, videos and posts.”  He has some pretty funny videos and he can really DANCE!!! Checkout his dance moves below in his most popular video on YouTube. This video has over one million views 🙂

3.  AkushikaGoneNatural

1654428_619523208119500_1244957153_nJennifer aka AkushikaGoneNatural is definitely a natural hair enthusiast! She is about that natural hair life all day She does natural hair tutorials, DIY (do it yourself) natural hair and skin care products, she discusses skin care, makeup and she dabbles in outfit of the day videos, and etc. I featured her on my blog here and here. Below is a video of her 2 year natural hair anniversary last December, she was clearly thrilled! She is one of my favorite natural hair vloggers:-)

4. WuMaameTV


WuMaameTV aka DJ Nayah lives in New Jersey. His channel contains a lot of skits, rants (lol), lots of Azonto (including the sexiest Azonto I’ve ever seen), cooking tutorials, randomness and just pure comedy. I be cracking up because he is crazy…lol!

5. FusionofCultures


FusionofCultures aka Laila, is definitely a fusion of cultures. She is half Ghanaian and half Egyptian, and she lives in London. She is also another natural hair enthusiast. She has documented  her transition to natural hair on her YouTube channel (she transitioned for 2 years!!) and she recorded  her big chop. She does some of the best updos I’ve ever seen! She does everything herself so her channel is filled with many hair tutorials {dating back even to her transition days}, she makes and also sells her Fusion of Whipped Goodness Butter here! She is another one of my favorite natural hair vloggers who I featured here!  She is currently taking a video break to focus on her studies and finish her final semester of university. However, her BFF Kaila has taken over her channel for the time being 🙂

6. MissCinnamonCakes

215607_445229662198266_1191409964_nMichelle aka MissCinnamonCakes lives in sunny California. Her channel consists of natural hair care advice (including tutorials and product reviews). She also does hair reviews, make-up tutorials, discussions, outfits of the day and etc.

7. AbenaLove


Abena resides in Australia! (Ghanaians are everywhere I tell ya! She did the big chop last summer and she also recorded it here. Her channel is mainly about fashion & style. She also discusses hair and beauty. She visits Ghana frequently and she always comes back with the cutest outfits that she has made over there. She is an Ankara

So there you have it! That is my list of my favorite Ghanaians on YouTube! In a separate post, I will share my favorite blogs about Ghana along with my favorite Ghanaian bloggers ! 🙂

Who are your favorite Ghanaians on YouTube? Please share below 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my favorites list and hopefully you’re able to check out their respective channels. Thanks so much for reading!

~Amma Mama

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