Chatting with AkushikaGoneNatural

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1. Please introduce yourself!

My name is Jennifer a.k.a AkushikaGoneNatural via my YouTube channel

2. How long have you been natural and why did you decide to go natural?

I’m currently 2 years natural. I big chopped on Dec 1, 2011 (Yup, in the winter time), after transitioning for 3 months. I decided to go natural because I experienced a lot of breakage from my relaxed strands, and was also curious as to how I could care for my hair relaxer-free.


3. Describe your natural hair and personal style.

My natural coils are mainly 4C with a slightly looser curl pattern in the nape area. I mainly LOVE to rock the BIG hair look, hence I’m able to enhance my natural coils with my Finger Comber unit (best wig purchase ever) which gives me just the right amount of hair boost, as well as a protective styling option.


In this video below Jennifer shows how us how she blends her Finger Comber unit with her real hair.

4. Did you big chop or transition? (If you transitioned, for how long?)  What was the experience like for you?

I transitioned for 3 months only, as I was getting pretty impatient, and wanted to embrace my coils in full bloom. I Big chopped in the wintertime(not advisable), so I protective styled and kept warm with wigs and braids most of the time. It was an amazing experience, I not only felt liberated, but I also learned to accept myself for me (TWA love), It also allowed me to appreciate my facial features because obviously there’s no hiding with a TWA (teeny-weeny-Afro).

5. Do you have any crazy or funny natural hair stories? (I was told I would not find a husband with an Afro.)

Lool….not much, I was just super scared sometimes that my wigs would one day roll off my head, because I didn’t have much hair on my head to pin it on snug tight. Luckily I didn’t experience any of those hair malfunctions. I actually had great responses from the people around me in regards to my big chop. You’re obviously going to have those few friends or family members who are a bit skeptical and think you’ve gone bananas. But in the end, it’s all up to you, do what’s best for you.

6.What is your current hair regimen? (Including favorite products)?  How often do you wash, condition, and style?

SheaMoisture Collage

I have a pretty tight schedule at the moment so I don’t give my strands as much TLC as I’d love to, but I basically Pre-poo with a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera gel. I sometimes Pre-poo with just Aloe vera gel. Then I wash/shampoo with my Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo, then Deep condition with a DIY  Mayo, avocado, olive-avocado oil and Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner mix, sit under my Huetiful hair steamer for about 15mins. Rinse out and then follow up with a leave-in conditioner (My Kimmaytube inspired) comprised of: olive, castor, avocado oils plus some Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner and Aloe vera gel. I then follow up with my DIY Shea butter mix, and re-twist my hair in two-strand twists. FYI: I Pre-poo, Wash, Condition my hair in two-strand twists because it’s not only easier and faster, but it also reduces excess breakage and single strand knots. Believe me, I’ve been through some horrible post-wash detangling sessions, and this works like a charm. I wash my hair every week and a half to two weeks, depending on how busy my schedule gets. My current favorite products are: Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner, My DIY Shea butter mix, Aloe vera gel, Shea Moisture’s African black soap purification masque, As I Am Coconut Cowash and Entwine Couture styling products.

Jennifer is a DIY Queen (“Do It Yourself”)

7.What do you love most about your natural hair?

I love the fact that it’s voluminous, and Kinky-Coily in texture. Our hair type is so UNIQUE, and we don’t realize and appreciate it as much as we should. I’ve actually embraced my 4C coils with each month and year of my journey. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I switch to straight wigs and weaves from time to time, but I always can’t wait to take them out and feel and rock my natural coils again….It’s just something about it 😉

8. What’s the best natural hair advice that you can give?

PATIENCE is the key to our natural hair journeys, especially during DETANGLING SESSIONS. You have to learn to learn and appreciate your coils, just the way they grow out of your scalp. It takes a little while to find out what products and regimens work best for you, but it’s all part of the journey. Enjoy the good hair days, and laugh over the rough ones. They all add up to make it a life changing experience. Also, the natural hair journey is a bit time consuming because of the various steps involved in the hair regimen, but as you progress, you find ways to cut corners, speed certain steps up, find products that do 2 in 1 jobs, etc.

10.Where can we find you on the web?

YouTube:  (I share videos on various helpful tips and DIY’s along my journey.)




 Email :

I would like to THANK Jennifer for taking the time to answer my questions and share her lovely pictures. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that she is one of my favorite YouTube vloggers! I love her YouTube channel because her videos are so informative. She really does her research regarding the best hair care and skin care practices. She’s doing something right because her hair has flourished! The first picture is her real hair currently but it looks just like the Finger Comber unit! #AmazingGrowth!

I hope you enjoyed my chat with Jennifer aka AkushikaGoneNatural! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend 🙂

~Amma Mama

6 thoughts on “Chatting with AkushikaGoneNatural

  1. Informative article! And meeehn, she has curves for days, hot! I’m actually going to the hair salon later on today, so her ‘hair regime’ tips were inspiring. I’m so frustrated my hair is not growing, I’m gonna see what I can do to stimulate growth…

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