An African City: Episode 2

In ‘Sexual Real Estate’, Nana Yaa has returned to Accra and is searching for an apartment. In doing so, both her and her friends learn more about their needs and wants and who they truly are.

I like this episode because the ending sends a good message. Be a goal digger and not a gold digger! Nothing is free ladies, at least not for long and just say no to sugar

New episodes are posted every Sunday on the show’s YouTube channel, you can subscribe here to be notified.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like? Share your opinion below 🙂

Have fabulous weekend!!

~Amma Mama

7 thoughts on “An African City: Episode 2

  1. I like this!! Now I have to go back to watch episode 1 ^^
    You better stay in Team GOAL digger if you want some respect…

    Sidenote:I actually grew up in Senegal and I have never been to Ghana. Someday I hope!

  2. Isit me or what. $500,000?? Where do some people think they are living??
    Looool, paying half the dinner. That was fair right? Sometimes people do get over charged just ‘cos they are rich or appear rich. Will def continue watching this series.

    • That realtor was a joke! He said that ludicrous amount with such a straight face, too
      Yep or they get overcharged because they have an accent. Before my brother and I entered a taxi in Ghana, he would sometimes say “don’t speak”. He didn’t want the driver to hear my accent and overcharge us.

      Thanks for commenting Sheila 🙂

  3. I literally just finished watching this with my friends 🙂 It’s so good and funny, we’re really enjoying it

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