Teach the Babies!

I was always growing up with the remarks about my hair being really difficult, and really unmanageable, and super dry and oh my gosh girl we have to do so much to get your hair to act right.Jouelzy

The video posted above contains some great advice from Jouelzy. I am grateful that as a child my mom never made me feel bad about my hair. My negative thoughts about my natural hair came from classmates who always reminded me it was time for a relaxer and also the media. The media affected how I felt about my hair because I was constantly bombarded with images of straight hair. As a child growing up in the 90s, I constantly saw commercials for Just for Me {by the way I used to LOVE their song!!} and PCJ kid relaxers.

I got my first relaxer at the age of seven. Below is a picture of me at age six, my last time being natural until I did the big chop in 2009 at the age of 21.


My hair was and still is very coarse. I cried every time my mom styled it. I had to constantly BEG her for a relaxer because she didn’t want me to get one. However, I was tired of the tears, pain, drama and fights with her anytime she did my hair. From her washing it, to her combing it, I don’t have any good memories..lol Though, if I had a daughter, I would never relax her hair. I don’t think a mom relaxing her daughter’s hair makes her a bad mother. However, it’s very important for a mother to always speak only positive things about her daughter’s hair. Kids are going to be teased, that’s a fact of life. However, its important for parents to reaffirm their children and uplift them. As a child, it’s unpleasant to hear from your peers that your hair is nappy but it’s better than hearing it from your mother or relatives. I have two nieces, an eight year old and a four-year old. I always make sure to say positive things to them. Sometimes I’ll hear them complain about their hair but I’ll always say positive things to reaffirm them. If I am doing their hair, I don’t huff and puff about how tough it is, even when I am having a difficult time styling it. I just take my time and do it without any complaints. Any negative remarks I make about their hair can stay with them forever and I don’t want to be responsible for any of their hair insecurities. I feel that there is TONS of information available on natural hair today, more than ever before! I don’t think that in 2014, there is any plausible excuse for relaxing a child’s hair.

This is Riley Elle, natural hair inspiration and internet sensation. Her mother Christin Armstrong also known by her business name “Christin Shoots People“, is a professional photographer and the creator/editor-in-chief of Mocha Kid Magazine.

Mocha Kid is a magazine geared towards empowering, unleashing and glorifying the many physical shades of African-American children.-Mocha Kid Magazine

Every time I see Riley on my Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube or Instagram feed {I told y’all she was an internet sensation}, I become excited. It’s refreshing to see the love she has for her natural hair at the tender age of three, plus she’s FLY! Check out her Twist Out tutorial below. She is a star!

Check out this cute video from DiscoveringNatural in which her daughter shares her perspective on natural hair. If you have children with natural hair, DiscoveringNatural has video tutorials on her YouTube channel on how to care for children’s natural hair. Click here for a playlist of these tutorials.

Lets uplift our young girls! Let’s teach them and show them that their natural hair is beautiful without relaxers!

Sesame Street Song-I Love My Hair

Below are some children books that encourage young girls to love and embrace their natural hair.

Here is a list of 20 Natural Books Just for Children {books for young girls AND young boys}.

Below are some great articles regarding young girls and their natural hair:

Ew. Your Child’s Hair is Turning.

Kids Curls: Healthy Hair Care Tips for Children

Little Girls, Natural Hair. Tips, Tricks, Advice

When did you get your first relaxer? Do you think it’s okay for children to get relaxers? Please share your comments, opinions and/or experiences below. Thank you for reading and have a great day 🙂

~Amma Mama

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