So Do You Have A Boyfriend?

Ever since I passed the age of twenty-one, every person I come in contact with whether it be a family member, a High School friend or any random person I meet, I always get asked the question “So do you have a boyfriend?” The answer is no, it’s just that simple. At least to me it is, but for some odd reason when I expose my age and the amount of years I have not been in a relationship, that’s when all the question marks begin to float around, the eyebrow raises and the slight twist in the upper lip says it all.

As soon as I mention that I’ve been single for over two years it’s almost as if people have received news that the apocalypse is about to take its toll on humanity. I just don’t seem to get. I am always intrigued in why people even feel…

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3 thoughts on “So Do You Have A Boyfriend?

  1. Insightful post! Its so irritating, when one is asked, ‘Why are you single’, as if in that particular topic suddenly Man is supposed to have all the answers.
    I have to say the frequency of being asked this question depends on where one lives, at least that has been my experience. In Berlin, my Singledom aint nothing but a chicken wing, however when I go back home, thats a whole different pot of banga fish!

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