Naturalistas spotted at NYFW 2014

So it is New York Fashion Week! Check out some fly naturlistas at this week’s fashion shows!

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is rocking some cute Celie Twists


Solo is rocking some loose Celie Twists. They both look cute. I really like Tracee’s outfit, so simple and chic.





Side view


Tracee’s sister Rhonda Ross and her beautiful fro were also spotted at NYFW.



Now I must say this next picture of Rhonda is NOT from NYFW. However, its so cute! I love her Celie Twists below!!


Photo Source:Zimbio

So pretty!!!!<3

Now back to your regularly scheduled

Some natural hair runway action!


Lady in red, model Herieth Paul in a Zac Posen dress.


Here she is again in Ralph Rucci.

Photo Source: Vogue


Photo Source:Tumblr

Devan Mayfield {pictured above} is not a model but she did model on Sunday for DKNY.

If you’ve ever watched a fashion show and said to yourself, “Those aren’t real people out there on the runway,” Donna Karan has an answer for that.

For her DKNY runway show Sunday, Karan presented — along with the models, of course — an assortment of non-models: A DJ. A TV presenter. A printmaker. A few students. A biologist, a “night life hostess,” and, in the most intriguing entry in the show’s written program, a “tattoo artist/ pro skateboarder.”

Devan Mayfield, a painter and a health practitioner, wore a crepe houndstooth and lace shift dress. –ABC News

Model or not, Devan and her fro are hot! I think I’ve seen her on Instagram before.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Lovely, natural hair is high fashion!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Amma Mama

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