Tips for Finding a Good Natural Hair Salon


How am I Qualified?

I am not a salon expert but I wanted to share my natural hair salon experiences as well as my tips for finding a great natural hair salon/natural hair stylist. A couple of weeks ago, my older cousin who lives in Delaware called me. She explained to me that she was having trouble with her 12-year old daughter’s natural hair. She then asked for my help in locating a natural hair salon in Delaware. I asked for her zip code and told her that I would do my research and email her the best natural hair salon{s} that I find. I found one salon that I felt comfortable sending her the information for. The owner had great reviews, plus she’s an award-winning hair stylist that specializes in natural hair. I emailed my cousin the salon’s information. I also emailed her the link to the salon’s Facebook page so that she could view pictures of the owner’s work. After my cousin read my email, she sent me a text stating that the owner used to do her daughter’s hair years ago. However, she stopped doing hair altogether in order to go back to school. My cousin never found anyone to replace her and as a result, her daughter’s hair has suffered. I was happy to hear that my cousin knew her and had great success with her in the past. She was unaware that this hairstylist was now doing  hair again. She lost her contact information and had not seen or spoken to her in years. My cousin said she would call her immediately. This incident confirmed to me that I did excellent research. I saw other natural hair salons and natural hairstylist during my research but their reviews didn’t impress me.

Natural hair stylists at the N Natural hair Studio in Silver Spring, MD

My Tips

Listed below are the five ways I find a good natural hair salon and/or natural hair stylist{s}. Since I live in Maryland, I have used reputable salons/hairstylist {in MD} as examples for the first three tips. Just click on the bold to be lead to them and some reviews. Number four is an example of a natural hair event {Naturalista Hair Show} and number five are my search results for typing “natural hair salons in Maryland” into Google.

  1. YELP– People keep it real on YELP. Back in 2010, I went to my first natural hair salon. The first experience was good so I went a second time and that time was HORRIBLE.  The first time I went, I went to a hairstylist my BFF {who is also natural} recommended. This hairstylist was gentle with my hair and very sweet. When I called to make my second appointment, I found out the hairstylist from my first appointment was no longer working at the salon. I decided to make an appointment anyways with the next available hairstylist. I figured she would be just as good. Boy was I wrong! This hairstylist manhandled me and she was literally ripping my hair out with a small fine toothed comb. My eyes were swelling up with tears from all the physical pain on my head. If I had done my YELP research beforehand, I would’ve read the BAD reviews for this salon at that time. The comments that were not bad weren’t good either. They were very mediocre.
  2.  Style Seat– This site has a “Recommendations” section where customers can leave their reviews. It also has a picture section for the hairstylist’s work. It also lists the hairstylist’s services and prices. It everything you need to know.
  3. Facebook– I like to see how many likes the salon page has. I just want to see how many people know of this salon, and I like to see more pictures. I also like to see the content on the Facebook page. Most salon pages have a “Reviews” section but you have to log into Facebook in order to read ALL the reviews.
  4. Natural Hair Events: At a lot of natural events {at least the ones I’ve been to in MD, Philly and VA} have natural hairstylist as guest speakers. The hairstylist that I have encountered at these events are very knowledgable about ALL hair types and they are qualified professionals. They have specialized in natural hair for years! That’s why they’re invited to these natural hair events. I have been to a couple of natural hair events in the DMV {hosted by different people/groups} and I usually see the same hairstylist conducting workshops and demonstrations. That tells me that they are so good and knowledgeable that they’re constantly invited to these natural hair events to educate.
  5. Google– Just Google the hairstylist’s name or the hair salon’s name and see what comes up. Hopefully there are not any hate

All in all, the key to finding a good natural hair salon is reading. It takes time but its worth it in the end. Now you may read a couple of not so positive reviews, even for excellent salons and hairstylist. I wouldn’t be too alarmed but there should be very few if the salon/hairstylist is truly reputable. Also the complaints should not be about hair care or work ethic. Some customers may not think the price was worth it, or they may think the parking lot is terrible and they have every right to voice their opinions on those things. However, the prices are always listed on the site and parking is parking. Reviews/complaints that would personally alarm me are things such as the price being different from what is listed on the website and/or discussed on the phone with the hairstylist. In addition, reviews about the stylist having a bad attitude or being  rough with a client’s hair. Salon visits should be enjoyable and not uncomfortable for the client. It should not be a cause of fear or anxiety for them. Also reviews with complaints about hair not being washed or styled properly would alarm me.The list of red flags is endless but you know them when you read them. Discretion is key!

Salon_ThumbCamille Reed, owner of Noire Salon in Silver Spring Salon

My DMV Natural Hair Salon Recommendations

  1. Noire Salon-The owner Camille Reed {pictured above} has not done my hair but I did visit her salon for a “hair consultation”. Before my consultation, I saw her at three natural hair events. I went to one of her workshops  in 2012. She was so knowledgeable about natural hair care {for all hair types} and she did hair demonstrations. She really understands the science of hair. She’s been doing natural hair for years and she’s more than qualified. I looked her up on Yelp and read great reviews about her service. I made an appointment to straighten my hair for my birthday. However, Camille informed me that she requires hair consultations before she applies heat strong enough to straighten anyone’s hair. I met with her for my consultation and she recommended some hair products. She stated it would be best to just blow dry and trim hair my hair at our next meeting. She didn’t want to press my hair  because she said it was too dry and dehydrated. I appreciated her honesty and concern. I wasn’t able to go back  for my blow dry and trim because something came up on the day of my appointment. However, if I ever decide to straighten my hair again, I definitely want Camille to do it! She is professional and pleasant. Here is a 2011 commercial for the salon {it’s still at this location}. Website: Instagram: @noire_salon   Facebook: Noire Salon
  2. Natural hairstylist Jocelyn Reneé did Marley Twists for me twice. She is professional and pleasant. She is also knowledgeable about natural hair. What I liked most about my two visits with Jocelyn is how neatly she did my Marley Twists and how GENTLE she was with my hair. She didn’t man handle me and rip out my hair. During my first hair appointment in 2012, my hair was not detangled properly {my fault} but Jocelyn gently worked through my natural hair. Below are my Marley Twists that she did for me last March {2013}.Website:  YouTube: curlynugrowth Facebook: CurlyNuGrowth  Instagram: @curlynugrowth phto
  3. Angela Walker is the owner and founder of the N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring. She’s never done my hair before but I did go to her salon grand opening in 2012. I was also a volunteer at The Naturalista Hair Show that she created. She is a boss! She is professional too and so are her hairstylist. She is also knowledgeable about natural hair care. She recently created the “The Natural Hair Nstitute” a  natural hair school that teaches and trains aspiring natural hairstylist. Her salon is fun and full of energy. The salon has a YouTube page where you can view her and the other hairstylist in action!  Website:  YouTube: N Natural Hair Studio  Facebook: N Natural Hair Studio  Instagram:@nnaturalhairstudio Below are some hair pictures from the salon’s FB page.
  1. 4. Zarah is a Baltimore natural hairstylist. She has never done my hair but I went to her product launch last month {Naptural Attraction} and I witnessed her beautiful work. I also spoke with some of the clients and they had nothing but kind things to say about her service. She has many great reviews on Style Seat and I also heard that she’s rated # 2 on there for DMV natural hairstylist. Below are some pictures of her work that I snapped at the Naptural Attraction event last month. Website:  YouTube: Zarah Charm  Facebook: Zarah Charm  Instagram:@zarahcharm

There you have it, those are my personal tips for finding a great natural hair salon and/or natural hairstylist! As I stated before, I think that there will sometimes be negative comments even when the hairstylist or salon provides great service {you can’t please everyone}. However, I don’t think there should be a lot. I also think the kind of complaints should be examined. Do the good reviews outweigh the negative? Take all these factors into consideration and follow your gut. However, if you live in the DMV, I would definitely recommend these stylists and salons listed above!

How do you decide on a natural hair stylist or natural hair salon? Do you have a favorite natural hair salon or natural hair stylist? Please feel free to leave your recommendations for natural hair stylists and natural hair salons. Even if you don’t live in the DMV because it maybe helpful to someone!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week 🙂

~Amma Mama

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