For the Love of Beads <3

Glass beads, Krobo beads, and African trade beads are just a few of the names I hear to describe these beads from Ghana. I LOVE them. I am actually obsessed with them. The obsession began during my 2006 summer trip to Ghana. Since then I have purchased them every time I visit Ghana. They make for great souvenirs.

This is a video {starts at 1:15 mark} of how they’re made at Cedi Bead Factory.

I would love to visit Cedi Bead Factory and watch the whole process in person. The factory has great reviews on Trip Advisor.  I am adding it to my list of places to visit during my 2014 trip to Ghana {God-willing}.

The most I’ve ever paid for one of these bracelets was 6 Ghana Cedis.

According to the currency converter below, that is less than $3.00.

6.00 GHS = 2.47934 USD
Ghanaian Cedi US Dollar
1 GHS = 0.413223 USD 1 USD = 2.42000 GHS

Not bad!! I paid that much at the mall in the capital city of Ghana {Accra Mall}. Normally, when I am in the city of Kumasi, I pay only 3 Cedis, which is even better! Everything is more expensive in the capital of course.


I sometimes purchase them here in the US because I can’t resist.


These are some beads I saw last summer at the annual Fest Africa in Downtown Silver Spring {Maryland}. All the ladies were buying the waist beads. For some reason, I’ve never been crazy about waist beads :-/ At this festival, I purchased this necklace {pictured below} from a Ghanaian lady. On my next trip to Ghana, I hope to purchase some more necklaces such as this one.


She threw in this free bracelet. She was selling the bracelets for $5.00.


As you can see, the love for my beads goes deep. I wear at least one beaded bracelet everyday. This one {pictured above} is my go to beaded bracelet because it goes well with any outfit. Sometimes I wear six at a time as seen in the picture below.


My mom and brother think that I wear too many at one time. My brother always tells me how tacky I look with that many bracelets on. *rolls eyes*  Though, sometimes less  is more and less is best.

However, in the summer I want to wear more.  I come ALIVE in the summer!! They’re just so festive and bright that sometimes I cannot resist putting on six at a time. I love incorporating them into my outfits. But what I love most about them is the intricate designs on the beads. The bracelets may all look the same from afar but each  bracelet is uniquely sculpted and hand painted.

Check out some pictures below of some beautiful bead work below from other African countries including Ghana.



Photo Credit: Shollots Studios


Photo Credit: TIXS Multimedia


Photo Credit: Alakija & Co. Photography


Photo Credit: Chyder5 Photography




Photo Credit: Bank.foto


Photo Credit: Enam Kunustor





Photo Credit: A Klass Photography

South Africa,

Zulu woman from KwaZulu


Photo Credit: Bret Love



Photo Credit: Nigel Pavitt/John Warburton-Lee

The tradional attire of the Datoga women of northern Tanzania.



Photo Credit: Marcy Mendelson



Photo Credit: Half the Sky Documentary

Below are some Etsy shops that sell the beaded bracelets from Ghana.

  1. Mawuvios Outreach Programme
  2. RosabijouxBeads 

What do you think? Are you into beads? What kind of jewelry do you like? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading & God bless 🙂

~Amma Mama

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  2. I really take delight in you posting this
    amazing blog post. This is the point in time suitable for Ghanains to develop, gather as a nation and therefore determine recommendations on how to move this nation in the right direction as to overcome its prevailing obstacles.
    Thanks a lot for this amazing blog.

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