“Naptural Attraction” Event Recap


I had a great time this past Sunday {1.19.14} at natural hairstylist Zarah Charm’s event, “Naptural Attraction” Product Launch & Natural Hair Exhibition. It was held at the Sanctuary Bodyworks in Baltimore, Maryland. The event was from 3:00pm-6:00pm. It started a little bit after 3:00pm which was perfect because your girl had trouble parallel parking…lol  I am so not about that city life. Anywho, I have never met Zarah nor has she ever done my hair before. However, I did feature her in my Celie Twists post {last September} because I just LOVE how she did hers. I follow her on Instagram and I found out from there that she was hosting this event. The day I saw her post, the free tickets were sold out 😦 However, I checked her Instagram again because I was thirsty and in denial. My thirst paid off  because she posted another announcement that Sanctuary Bodyworks would be allowing her to host 30 more people. I immediately clicked the event link to RSVP my bff and I. Last Wed, I wanted to post an event alert on my blog regarding this event but it was sold out again before I could even do so. However, I am going to try my very best to post event alerts for upcoming natural hair events in the DMV and Baltimore area so that all my local blog readers are in the loop!!

Now Zarah is an established natural hairstylist and the main purpose of  her event was to launch her new product line “Charisma”. She had two products for sale, the Charisma “Head-to-Toe Souffle” and the “All-Over Butter”. I bought the “All-Over Butter” {pictured below}. I was in need of a good hair moisturizer.I like that I can use this all over my body if I choose to. It was $10.00, the larger size was $20.00. The small size I bought has a lot of butter in the container. I will only be using it for my hair so it should last me for a while, even though I am heavy handed..lol But I will be protective styling for the months to come so I think I should be good.



Zarah had some of her hair work on display via her lovely models. Some of the models were her clients and others were ladies that responded to her model call posted on her Instagram. The ladies were beautiful and so were their hairstyles.  Side Note: I would LOVE to be a natural hair model and get my hurr did and face BEAT!!! That’s one of my goals in life, yep! Anywho, the models stood at small high top tables  that had Zarah’s flyers placed on them. They stood there looking sophisticated in all black, answering questions and taking pictures for the guests. There was finger food, hand massages, a DJ and a professional photographer there to take pictures for ESSENCE. The event was classy and I really enjoyed myself. My bff couldn’t make it so I was there by myself but I managed to chat with Zarah {who is super sweet} and some of the other naturalistas. Zarah’s clients {that I spoke to} had nothing but positive things to say about her. She calls her clients “Charming Army”. I always see that hashtag {#CharmingArmy} on her Instagram pictures of her work. Everything started to make sense  to me because when I arrived in B-more, the metro buses I passed said “Charm City”on the sides. Once I got home,I Google it and discover {via Wikipedia} that is one of Baltimore’s nicknames,”Charm City”. Even though I lived in B-more for about a year, circa my freshman year of college, I never heard of this nickname. Maybe because I rarely left my dorm room. I digress. Zarah appears to be a caring hairstylist and not to mention her hair, the models’ hair and her clients hair all looked GREAT!!  There was a lot of love in the room for her because her products were selling like hot cakes! In life, people will support you if give your best and do good business. I could tell that she loves doing natural hair. If you live in Baltimore and are in need of a natural hair stylist, check out Zarah Charm. If you live in the DMV and are in need of a natural hair stylist and you’re willing to drive to Charm City, definitely check her out ! Checkout my  pictures from the event below.

Hair models! ❤





Pictured above is natural hair YouTube vlogger pinksankofa


This lovely naturalista informed me that she had four-month old locs under these Havana twists. She said she wanted long hair, so Zarah made it happen captain. She is a regular client of Zarah’s.


Do you see her four-month old locs in the picture above? That’s dope!


IMG_2026YouTube vlogger Alexis {also known as AlexisN1203 on YouTube} isn’t one of Zarah’s client. However, she is from Baltimore and she responded to  the model call posted online.







There were more beautiful models but I only managed to get  pictures of these ladies above. Zarah and her models had their make up  done by professional  makeup artist Jamaya Moore. Jamaya did an excellent job! Their makeup was flawless.


Zarah said she used her Head-to-Toe Souffle for her beautiful twist out.


I LOVE her hair color ❤



This is one of Zarah’s lovely clients rocking Havana Twists. When I saw her, I could tell Zarah did them because they looked just like the first model  {second picture} above’s twists. So nice, full, neat and fluffy.


Product sale table


Some naturalistas, I spy some Celie Twists on the left. I actually saw some CA-YUTE Celie Twists during the event but I was a little shy/hesitant about asking those ladies rocking them if I could take their picture. I have my moments..lol


Shaved hair don’t care! I love Mohawks. If I had balls and SWAG for days, I would rock one. Perhaps I will in another life.


Red hair don’t care. I saw a couple of lovely red-heads at the event.


Beautiful Locs ❤


Pretty card flyers on the high top table

IMG_2084 Shoot for ESSENCE with the professional photographer Michael Lawson of Glow Optical Photography.


Some lovely ladies checking out their shots. I like that Michael allowed everyone to look at their pictures. Some photographers just take the shots and don’t even offer to let people view them afterwards.


Zarah answering questions about her products.

Just a little video snippet I recorded. DJ B-EAZY was CRANKING, he was playing all the 90s jamz! I live in the 90s so his mix was the perfect soundtrack for my ears. Anywho, CONGRATS to Zarah on her product launch!!! I wish her and her salon nothing but SUCCESS and GROWTH in 2014 🙂

Her social media outlets, click on the bold to be directed there.








Thanks for stopping by & God bless you ❤

~Amma Mama

9 thoughts on ““Naptural Attraction” Event Recap

  1. Wow the east coast is so different from the west coast. Here in San Diego, we have hardly any natural hair salons and our meetups/events look nothing like that. This event looks like it was so much fun and everyone is so beautiful. Love the hair. Great blog post.

    • Thank you!! I like your recap and video too! Thanks for following and commenting. I am now following you as well. I hope to see you at another event too. Have a good evening 🙂

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