My Favorite Natural Hair Vloggers <3

1. Laila aka FusionofCultures

I find her to be so wise and intelligent. I subscribed to her YouTube channel in 2010 after I saw her featured on BGLH here. I think she is the QUEEN of updos ! She has some amazing natural hair tutorials on her channel. She transitioned to natural hair on YouTube and she even big chopped on there. Its been great following her natural hair journey and hearing her words of wisdom. I love me some Laila. She is my favorite natural hair vlogger 🙂

2. Akushika Gonenatural

I discovered Jennifer aka Akushika Gonenatural by accident but I am so glad I did. I was actually looking for Ghana Tag videos. I stumbled across she and her brother’s Ghana Tag video. I liked it so much that I decided to look at her other videos. I enjoyed them as well and she has since then become one of my YouTube favorites. She makes  hair and skin products, discusses natural hair care, skin care, makeup and style. Her channel has a lot of variety and I love that!

3. The FashionIsle

I love her classy, chic style and signature fro! She has great how-to style and outfit of the day videos.

4. Jouelzy

Jouelzy CRACKS me up! I discovered her last April at the Philly Natural Hair Show. She, alongside natural hair blogger Geraldine the Great conducted a workshop entitled “4C Natural Hair”. Here is a video highlight of that workshop. You can see me {white pants} and my friend stroll in late at the 1:18 mark 🙂 The room was so packed that we had to sit on the floor but it was well worth it. The workshop was so informative and I just loved Jouelzy’s realness. {It’s a word in the Urban Dictionary so judge me not.} Anywho, that night when I got back from Philly, I followed her on Instagram and subscribed to her YouTube channel. She has  great natural hair tutorials, product reviews, how-to style outfit videos, makeup tutorials, book suggestions, advice segments and interviews. She does not let her natural hair define her. She is very versatile with her hair and I can appreciate that.  Also she uploads a lot of videos, so one can expect about three or more new videos from her each week.

5. Toni Daley

I really don’t remember how I discovered Toni Daley but I know she sells cute earrings. I own a couple:-) I am not sure which I discovered first, her earrings or  her YouTube channel. I like her natural hair  and make up tutorials. That is what you’ll find on this channel along with her wig reviews. She also does a lot of  “inspired” hair tutorials like this . She just has a chill {another Urban Dictionary word, don’t judge me} and mellow personality that I like.

I watch plenty more  vloggers {I am subscribed to a long list of them} but these ladies right here are my FAVORITES. If  you can’t tell, I watch YouTube ALOT. Hence why my brother but me a Google Chromecast for Christmas 🙂

Who are your favorite natural hair vloggers? Who are your favorite vloggers in general? They don’t have to have natural hair. Please feel free to share in them in the comments below. #SharingisCARING

A list of my favorite natural hair blogs here.

Thanks for stopping by & God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

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