Always the Bridesmaid, and Never the Bride: Singleness

Great advice, I thought I’d share <3.

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As a twenty-something college student living in the concrete jungle (NYC) I continuously stumble upon young single women who are sitting around awaiting their fairy tale king to come and sweep them off of their feet and supply them with all the rubies of the world. Okay, I am being very theatrical here, but in essence, I often seem to hear of young single women who are growing tired and hungry and are ready to satisfy their burning desire of being in a relationship.

I think almost too, too, too many times these women have lost sight of what the season of singleness should be about and end up settling for the first guy who winks their way. I believe your years of singleness are crucial not only for yourself but for the work of God and the calling he has placed on your life (and then the church said……

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4 thoughts on “Always the Bridesmaid, and Never the Bride: Singleness

  1. LOL. Amma! I was jus talking to Nehita about this article you sent. Although I must admit I do feel pressure at times… this article made me realize everything comes in its own season and in the season Im in to currently enjoy it! The grass may be greener on the other side as one might say (Im not even sure if thats true ).. ill let you know when i get there. All in all the act of truly practicing Patience is soo important… which is soo much easier said than done. Ahh! Great article!

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