She got Braids!

She is me. Can you tell I watch a lot of Tamar Braxton? Anywho, my sister-in law did braids for me on New Year’s Day. She’s a hairdresser and she did Marley twists for me last September. I kept them in for seven weeks, WAY too long. I decided I wanted big braids instead of Marley twists. The Marley hair is just too dry for me. I don’t plan on getting them again. Perhaps one day, I’ll purchase Havana hair {which is softer} from Fingercomber and let my sister-in law install Havana twists for me. This $4.99-$5.99 beauty supply store Marley hair isn’t doing it for me. Even though I do think I left them in too long (so I am slightly anti-Marley twists for right now), the hair is still too rough and dry for my liking. I really like my braids though, they’re a different look for me since I have been getting Marley twists as a protective style for the past year. I wanted big long braids and I showed my sister-in law the pictures below.

Angela Simmons




Kandi Burruss




My sister-in law really liked Brandy’s braids. I figured my hair would look like that but not that long. I bought three packs of hair called “Super eXpressions” and the packs had the name  “NINA” on the top right. The hair was made in Senegal. It was long, that’s why it was called “Super”. I forgot how long it was but my sister-in law cut it in half. Even though I love very long braids, the length of my braids is practical and convenient for me. I put them in a ponytail for the gym and they’re not too heavy on my head. The parts are big and so are the braids. They’re long enough for me. I love them and I am happy to have a different hairstyle to start off 2014! See pictures of my braids below on their fourth day post installation.

photo 2

photo 3

How are you protecting your hair this winter? Do you prefer braids or Marley twists?  Please feel free to share your protective style in the comments below or vote in my poll. Thank you for reading & God bless you  🙂

~Amma Mama

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