College Naturalistas

This post is for everyone but ESPECIALLY my college naturalistas. When I was in undergrad circa 2005-2009 there were not many naturals. I “attempted” to go natural during my freshman year (2006) but after only a couple of months, I ran back to the creamy crack. Now fast forward to my senior year 2009, when I finally big chopped. I spent my last months on campus HIDING my natural hair, literally. You can read about that experience here. However, it warms my heart to see young ladies wearing their natural kinks, curls and waves proudly. I actually wanted to go natural when I was in the 12th grade {circa 2004-2005} but I was scared, actually terrified. I thought I would look busted for prom if I big chopped my senior year. Now days, I see high school girls rock their natural hair to prom. This is all so amazing to me! So I thought I’d share some of my favorite college naturalistas that I regularly watch on You Tube. Their tutorials are very informative. If you’re in college and you feel like you’re the only natural on campus or perhaps you need some natural hair tips from your peers, check out these lovely ladies below. My college days are gone with the wind {fabulous} but I appreciate these ladies and their videos. I posted my favorite tutorials below but you can click the bold titles to view all of their videos on their respective channels. Enjoy!

1.Curl Mates


2. Eyedah Dames


3.  LiveNaturallyLove


4. Chizi Duri


5. Nappy Novelty


6. Romona Thomas


Were you natural in college? Are you currently in college and natural?

Please feel free to share you experiences in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by & God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

6 thoughts on “College Naturalistas

  1. all these naturalista’s are beautiful! its nice to see young women embracing their natural hair. thx for sharing 🙂

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