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Hey Ya’ll! my first OFFICIAL post {as a monthly contributor} is on Klassy Kinks today! Click HERE to read it and please feel free to leave your comments and opinions 🙂  I am so happy that the founder and editor of Klassy Kinks has given me the honor of being a monthly contributor to her amazing website. Klassy Kinks is my new favorite natural hair website. It’s right up there with Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH} and The Good Hair Blog 🙂 🙂 I am not just saying that because I am a monthly contributor but because I genuinely like the blog. That is why I wanted to be and asked to be a monthly contributor. Klassy Kinks has recipes, health &fitness, style and so much more! See below for pictures of founder & editor Ijeoma and read her hair story.

Klassy-Kinks.com founder and editor, Ijeoma Eboh, is on a mission to change perceptions of kinky textured hair around the world. Born in Nigeria but growing up in the United States, she remembers being coaxed to sit a little while longer while the relaxer “took” by repeating the mantra “beauty is pain.” After a 15 year relationship with relaxers, Ijeoma decided to grow out her thin, shoulder length wisps of hair simply to see what her God-given hair looked and felt like. She started making YouTube videos shortly after her big chop as a way to chronicle her journey; little did she know that she would come to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for her family, peers, and other women around the world willing to embrace their kinks, naps, and afros. A graduate of Harvard University, Ijeoma is now pursuing a doctoral degree in History and Ethics of Public Health. She is based in New York.




Beauty, brains and Klass. Check out any one of the Klassy Kinks social outlets below.






FYI: Ijeoma is hosting a natural hair meet up in Lagos, Nigeria this Sat 12/21/13 along with two other natural hair bloggers {Geraldine the Great and The Kinky Apothecary} . Click here for more info.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

10 thoughts on “Klassy Kinks

  1. Hi Amma! Great, well-written article over at Klassy Kinks! I too love the blog and not just because Ije and I have mingled & shmoozed at nearly every natural hair event in NYC since the Spring LOL. She’s pretty much awesome-sauce and the blog is a true reflection of what I have come to know about her (although in a short time) as a positive & klassy young woman. I’m proud of her. Well, you’ve got a new follower. 😉 And thanks much for the comments on my posts!

    • Lol at “schmoozed”. Thanks so much Toia! Your positive feedback is very encouraging. And thank you for following my blog. Your welcome for the comments. I love your blog! I saw some pictures of you floating around on Tumblr awhile back and I thought your were FLY! But I didn’t know the source of the pictures because you know sources get lost in Tumblr land. But thankfully I saw your feature on Klassy Kinks and began to follow you 🙂

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  3. nice article another blogger I know, who uses the hair type chart and isn’t ashamed of it. People will always turn something that was suppose to be helpful into something negative and for black people, “racist”. I have 4c hair, and that’s all. Telling someone you have tight coily hair doesn’t say much. but labelling something and giving it a name eliminates any assumption. Congrats on being a monthly contributor. I have to say that BGLH is my #1 hairsite, I like to read the controversial posts because I like writing such posts myself 🙂

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