Happy Birthday to my BFF<3

Today my BESTEST friend in the whole wide world turned 26 today. I thought I’d share 26 fun facts about us and about her! Similar to the list I did for my 26th birthday! I also wanted to share pictures of us.


  1. We have known each other since we were four!!!
  2. We were in the same kindergarten class.
  3. We went to the same babysitter while we were in kindergarten
  4. We’re both Ghanaian.
  5. We do EVERYTHING together.
  6. We used  take bubble baths together.
  7. We worked at three different jobs together.
  8. We went to my prom together.
  9. We were given the nickname Bospie Twins at our last job together.
  10. As a result, we affectionately call each other “Bopz” or “Bops”
  11. We made up a rap song about chicken when were young and bored.
  12. I lived at her house summer of 1998, right before the sixth grade.
  13. That summer we woke up, watched Matlock, ate eggs, English muffin and tea for breakfast, we watched TRL, and got nuttie buddies from the ice cream truck everyday at 5pm. How productive?
  14. We went natural together.
  15. We have been natural for four years.
  16. Both our first names start with “A”.
  17. She is a globetrotter.
  18. She has lived in England and South Africa.
  19. Sometimes I think she is South African.
  20. She LOVES South Africa!!!
  21. My niece and her nephew were born on the same day and year. April 14, 2009
  22. They will get married and our families will finally become one.
  23. We both wear glasses.
  24. We say the same things at the same time.
  25. People use to mistake us for twins.
  26. She is my travel buddy!







Picture 509



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