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photo222 I just got this book {pictured above} in the mail this past Friday and I was PUMPED! Yep, the last book I read was President Obama’s Dreams from my Father last August. Excellent read I highly recommend! I love books about African and African American history. I also love books about natural hair and the history of it. This my second natural hair book purchase. The first natural hair book I purchased was  If You Love It, It Will Grow: A Guide To Healthy, Beautiful Natural Hair  by Dr.Phoenyx Austin. Unfortunately, I never finisihed the book but I will try again one of these days. However, Afro State of Mind:Memories of a Nappy Headed Black Girl by  Lurie Daniel Favors Esq. is good  I stayed in bed this past Sat reading it for most of the day. I didn’t want to put it down. I am a bookworm at heart, I just need a good book to get that inner bookworm slithering and a sliding.

Now let me tell you why I purchased this book. I was surfing the internet for some information for my first post on Klassy Kinks {Wed 12/18/13}. FYI my post will be about how hair typing in the natural hair community is divisive. Dont worry, I will repost it on here too. Anywho I was doing research about hairtyping and saw this video appear in my YouTube search. I immediately watched it because I saw a familiar face in the YouTube account profile picture.

This is the video

This is the familiar face I saw.


I first saw this beautiful picture in 2009, senior year of college. I had just big chopped and I was visiiting Le Coil every single day for some natural hair inspiration. I saw this beauty above and even saved her picture on my laptop because I loved her tight afro. It reminded me of mines. Now fastforward to Black Friday 2013. I see this same picture as her YouTube account profile picture for the video above. I decided to watch her video entitled Stop Telling Me I Have “Good” Hair: Don’t Be A Prisoner to Hair Typing. I watch the video and I loved what she had to say. I decided to browse her channel some more. I discovered that she is an Attorney and had just written a book entitled Afro State of Mind:Memories of a Nappy Headed Black Girl. I go to Amazon to read reviews of the book,,only four reviews on the book but they’re all positive and rate the book with five stars! I then go to her website and read excerpts of the book and more about Attorney Lurie D Favors. She kindly listed excerpts from Chapters 1-6 and I read all of them. I was sold! I also loved the eye catching book cover in addition to the excerpts that I read. I immediately ordered it from Amazon. It came from New York a week later and I could barely put it down. Her hair experiences are so similar to mine and I am sure other naturals can relate. She also presents a lot of historical information on the history of black hair and slavery. She provides references for each historical information she presents.  Just like a lawyer, she states her case and provides  evidence to back it up. I really enjoyed what I have read. Even though, I am on chapter three, I RECOMMEND Don’t worry I will provide and official review when I finish the book. Check out author and attorney Lurie Daniel Favor’s lovely natural hair below.




Photo Credit :Mireille Liong


Photo Source: Afro State of Mind

Check out her website for blog posts, videos and much more.

Thank you for reading and God bless you! 🙂

~Amma Mama

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