She’s 26 today <3!


 This picture is 20 years old, from my sixth birthday.

So in light of my 26th birthday today 11/21, I thought I’d share some random facts about myself!!

  1. The BEST day of my life to date was seeing New Edition live (front row), Sunday 5/20/12.
  2. I touched Bobby Brown’s hand and held it for a millisecond.
  3. New Edition is my FAVORITE musical group.
  4. I will FOREVER have a crush on Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant.
  5. I am the youngest and the only girl with three older brothers.
  6. I love being around girls and I  have always wanted sisters.
  7. I want  identical twin daughters,identical twin girls fascinate me..
  8. The Braxtons are my big sisters  and I have seen EVERY episode of their “reality” show.
  9. Trolli Sour warms are my favorite breakfast.
  10. I would eat them EVERY single day.
  11. But I do not want diabetes.
  12. I used to be a major book worm as a child.
  13. The last book I read was Obama’s Dreams from my Father.
  14. I am an introvert.
  15. I used to be terribly shy.
  16. I hid under the table before my name was called to receive  an award.
  17. I was 13 in the 8th grade when this happened….LOL
  18. I was found under the table hiding and asked to go and accept my certificate. #EMBARRASSING
  19. I watch Investigation Discovery most of the time. #IDAddict
  20. America’s Most Wanted was my one of my favorite shows until it was cancelled:-/
  21. I love Unsolved Mysteries.
  22. I usually watch these real life murder mystery shows with my bedroom doors locked.
  23. I was born in DC, raised in MD, but I am from Ghana.
  24. I am a monthly contributor for Klassy-Kinks.
  25. I think all cats are evil and I don’t like how they look at me.
  26. I live in the 90s, the best era ever.



I took these pics of my boos Ralph & Bobby at the concert ❤ #YUMMY


Ghana Girl ❤


Le Big Sisters ❤ Just call me Tamma Braxton {I’m just adding the “T” to Amma}


I eat these at least once a week. *Hides in SHAME*


The  AMW LOVE is real ❤


The Knight Twins  Photo credit: Creative Silence


Please feel free to share with me any random facts about yourself in the comment box 🙂 #Sharingiscaring

HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! Thank you God for another year of life!! 🙂

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