Celie Twists Reloaded


My Celie Twists post from September was featured on my FAVORITE natural hair blog, Black Girl with Long Hair aka BGLH. I have been following BGLH since I transitioned in 2009. I love that site so when the founder Leila asked me if she could feature my Celie Twists post on her site, I was HONORED ❀ You can check out my post featured on BGLH here. I decided to post some more Celie Twists inspiration {hence the word reloaded in the title} because I was inspired by Mahogany Curls. She did her Celie Twists in a way that I have never seen before and she did a lovely job. I have been watching her YouTube channel since 2009 and her natural hair has FLOURISHED as well as her channel ❀

Below is her video tutorial. For all my naturalistas with very long hair, this is an excellent way to do Celie Twists.

Mahogany Curls

im bbage

Klassy Kinks


Sidenote: Ijeoma, founder of Klassy Kinks has given me the honor of being a monthly contributor to her wonderful natural hair site Klassy Kinks! πŸ™‚


As you can see below, Celie Twists do not have to be done on loose natural hair. They can be done on individual twists {such as the first picture below} orΒ  braid extensions such as Solange’s.

KisforKinky.com #kinkycurlyfly

Photo Source:Essence


Photo Source:Tumblr

I hadn’t blow dried my hair in two months {up until this past Wed} which is the longest I have went {in years} without blow drying my hair. I decided to finally blow dry it because it was matted and dry. I’ll talk about that in another post. However, the picture below is of my Celie Twists {last Sun} on myΒ  heat-less hair. My hair was air dried and I stretched it out day by day with Celie Twists. I usually like to blow dry my hair first before rocking Celie Twists because I like them to look sleek and laid. Surprisingly, they came out okay without any heat. I would attribute that to the lack of humidity outside and the fall season. However, since it’s fall and the air is dry, my hair was dry and my roots were matted. As a result, I couldn’t take it anymore and after two months, I blow dried my hair which now feels much much better! Below is a picture {taken last Sunday} of my Celie Twists without any heat.


Thank you so much for reading and God bless you πŸ™‚ Also a big thank to those following my blog, old and new.

I truly do appreciate it ❀

~Amma Mama

2 thoughts on “Celie Twists Reloaded

  1. ahhh yess! a natural Ghanaian! yaay! Fellow Ghanaian here.
    I found your blog through BGLH website, and I’m now a faithful follower of it. Im currently in college and transitioning using braid extensions. I love love celie twists because they’re so easy and look good on me. My mom doesn’t really approve of me going natural but I refuse to perm my hair, but she doesn’t complain when i have the celie twists in πŸ™‚

    Obaa, keep bloggng wae! πŸ™‚

    fallingofftherye.wordpress.com = my blog

  2. Heyyy Hun! Ghana in the House! whoop whoop..lol Thank you so much for following and commenting! I am glad you’re standing firm in your decision to not perm your hair. You will not regret it and don’t worry; your mom will come around soon enough πŸ™‚ I wanted to go natural when I was 17, but I was too scared to, especially with my senior prom approaching. I attempted to transition at 18 {freshman year of college} but I gave into the creamy crack after only a couple of months..lol
    Keep on rocking those Celie Twists and transitioning πŸ™‚

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