Hair update

So after almost 7 weeks, I took my Marley twists out. They were getting on my nerves and getting in the way (they knocked my sunflower seeds off my desk at work, making me look like a complete slob). I just wanted to take them out, massage my scalp, wash my hair, deep condition it & do a protein treatment. I just wanted to be free. The Marley Twists were weighing a sista down. I don’t think I can be like Moesha and rock braids 24/7. I thought I was about that life but I’m not. This was the longest I have ever kept in Marley twists! The most I have done prior to this installment was four weeks. However, I did keep Senegalese twists in my hair for  three months circa 2010. CRAZY! My main goal is to try and stay away from heat and combs. I want to style and stretch my hair without using them. I believe this will help me retain my length. The first picture is right  after I took my Marley twists out and before I finger de-tangled.


I was ECSTATIC to have the twists out. Can you tell?

So after I finger detangled my dirty, dry hair, I put the Aubrey GPB Conditioner {pictured below} all over it and made four big individual twists. I then put a conditioner cap on (I bought from Target) and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes as the directions instructed. I bought the GPB Conditioner from Whole Foods. I used it for the first time last year and I loved it.


After sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes with GPB. I washed my hair in four sections with the  Shea Moisture shampoo below. I washed each section  in the shower and then twisted it back up. Then I unraveled each section, finger de-tangled some more with Deep Masque treatment. Then I twisted back up each section. I then put the conditioner cap back on and sat under the dryer again for 30 minutes. I then rinsed out the masque in sections and then twisted my hair back up. I then used the Shea Moisture de-tangler, to finger detangle and  then twisted my hair.  This time I did medium sized twists because I wanted my hair to air dry quicker. I got the Shea Moisture products from Target.


While my hair was still damp, I unraveled my twists and put Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil in and finger de-tangled and but twists back in. I know this sounds like a lot of ACTION but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Washing and conditioning my hair in sections made the process so much quicker! The only thing that kind of took long was the air drying. But doing smaller twists {not too small} helped my hair dry quicker. The next day I woke up and unraveled my twists, they were completely dried. However, my hair was really dry. I felt that the Trader Joe’s coconut oil didn’t moisturize it. In my opinion,my hair looked a mess on Monday. I wore my everyday Celie twists but they weren’t laid  and slick because I didn’t use heat. I could barely twist my hair, it was so thick and coarse. I just didnt like them so I opted for a puff the next day. Though, I must say that as the week continued, my hair stretched. I was able to do the Celie twists better than I had on Monday.  I really don’t need to use heat, I just need patience. For my puff, I used a stocking to pull up my hair into a puff and then before bed I twisted the puff with Trader Joe’s Jojoba oil {purchased from Trader Joe’s and pictured below} which I LOVE way more than their coconut oil. Jojoba oil really moisturizes my hair and makes it soft.



After I unravel the twists, I separate them and fluff my hair. As the day goes on my hair gets puffier.  I twist my puff at night in order to stretch my hair and to keep it from getting matted. I wanted to take a picture of the twists before I unraveled them but I completely forgot.

I use Hicks {pictured below} to lay my edges. I also use it on my kitchen {the back of my hair}. I really like my  edges slick and laid for real y’all . I first heard about Hicks from Alex of The Good Hair blog. I bought it immediately from my local beauty supply store and I have been a believer ever since. It is the truth>>





As you can see, my puff looks different from when I first unraveled it. it’s puffier and this is just some minutes later, about 30 minutes later.

I need a trim. Even though I am taking a break from heat, I want to straighten {with a flat iron} and trim my hair for my 26th birthday in Nov. I do believe in heat I just want to use less of it. I was using way too much and it didn’t make sense because my hair would revert and kink back up after the gym or a hot shower. My hair is easier to comb when it’s blow dried but since I don’t use combs anymore,I no longer need to blow dry. I haven’t used heat in almost 2 months. When I first went natural, I NEVER used heat and my hair was longer and healthier. I want to start taking care of my hair and health. I know my hair grows but I don’t feel like I retain the length. I believe not using combs and heat helps me to retain length. I also want to wash and deep condition my hair frequently but we shall see . Just a few of my hair goals.

How often do you wash and condition your hair? How do you de-tangle?  Please leave me a comment and let me know because I’d love to hear 🙂

Check out  Alex Elle of the Good Hair Blog’s puff tutorial. This is exactly how I make my puff {except I use a stocking}, very simple.

Thanks for reading and God bless you ❤

~Amma Mama

5 thoughts on “Hair update

  1. Awww your hair look so cute in the puff! I couldn’t make it 7 weeks with my marley twists. 3 weeks. That’s it lol got any tips for making them last longer? Do you moisturize every day? I can’t remember reading how you moisturized your hair while they were in the twists.

    • Thank you! I love the puff 🙂

      When they started to get old and dry, I moisturized everyday with Shea Radiance Moisturizing Hair Milk spray. And then I would spray it with Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray or Shea Moisture Reconstructing Elixir to add shine. But I felt the Shea Radiance really moisturized my hair because it has water in it. I will never ever leave Marley twists in that long. I won’t go past 4 weeks. Bad idea :-/

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