The Smile Project!

Today I had the pleasure of attending the The Smile Project, a street carnival in DC. I won tickets from The Good Hair Blog. Not only does The Good Hair Blog give great natural hair care tips but Alex Elle, the blog’s founder, hosts great giveaways! This giveaway was on the blog’s Instagram. If you have an Instagram, make sure to follow The Good Hair Blog on there. The highlight of today for me was watching the Black Alley Band live! They’re an amazing band with an amazing lead singer Kacey! I have heard of the band before but I never listened to their music until today. Boy have I been missing Oh well, better late than never. I went to the carnival with my niece and brother. It was the perfect event for kids. Rock climbing, face painiting, moon bounces and rides! After 4pm, I saw a lot of young adults coming in. It became a young adult affair after 4pm, it looked fun but I was heading home with my brother & niece.  Today’s weather was everything, almost 90 degrees, I think it reached 90. Shorts in Fall <3!!! Coochie cutters is what I call ANYWHO,I really enjoyed myself today! I need to hang out in DC more often, there are so many fun events!!! It would be nice to be in the mix, while networking and mingling with my peers!


What makes you smile? My brother wrote Morgan {my niece}, she wrote daddy and I wrote JESUS ❤


I love this shirt, simply because the lady is rocking an Afro and old fashioned colonial dress.


Snippet of Black Alley Band’s performance


DC Mayor Vincent Gray & I ❤


So I was waiting for my brother & niece to finish rock climbing when I spotted this GORGEOUS fro! I love the color! #DOPE

ImageTWA love ❤ I be creeping.

Lil man was killing his imaginary drums 🙂

Brother and niece rock climbing!



Shorts in October make me SMILE! 🙂

I heart sweltering heat, sweat and all.

What makes you smile? How was your weekend? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading & God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “The Smile Project!

  1. thunderstorms in the summertime after a hot day make me smile, something about them are very calming and soothing. I’m not about that sweltering heat life LOL but I do appreciate a good DC carnival. This one seems like it was a great one. Loving the photo op with you and DC Mayor Vincent gray and all of the lovely TWAs. thx for sharing 🙂

    • Hey Bopz! Yep those are I hear you, not everyone can get with that heat ACTION!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always my pleasure to share:-)

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