Designer Files: Demestiks New York


I love Reuben Reuel’s clothing. His designs are right up my alley. They’re simple, practical, modern and conservative. The next time I visit Ghana, I will be sure to print out some of these designs and take them with me. Whenever I go to Ghana, I never make enough outfits. Instead I return with just cloth as opposed to beautifully sewn outfits. During my last visit in 2012, I brought so many designs that I printed from the Internet. When I went to meet with the seamstress I was hot and overwhelmed . There were too many cloths to choose from at the market and too many designs at the seamstress’. Even though, I brought my own designs, the seamstress’ wall of designs distracted me as well as her many suggestions for me. Though, it wasn’t her fault, I can be very indecisive when it comes to clothing. I can spend ages in a fitting room, I mean AGES. The whole process of sewing cute African outfits in Ghana makes me tired & Let’s not discuss how I feel when it doesn’t fit right. I will do better on my next trip and I will make sure to come back with plenty of HOT outfits & pieces!! 🙂

  ANYWHO, take a look at some of Reuben Reuel’s designs below!


I really LOVE the right outfit. I like the denim shirt, her shoes and the necklace. Plus the skirt is hot!


I love them both but the black and white is unique! I don’t see many people use black and white cloths for outfits unless it’s for a memorial service outfit.


The left is my favorite between these two! The colors and pattern are so vibrant!!!





You can view more of his collection {and purchase} at his Etsy shop.

Blogger Addicted2Etsy  looks lovely in her Demestiks New York dress ❤




Designer Reuben Reuel.

Photo Credit: Maxwell Tielman  Photo Source: Design Sponge


Reuben Reuel: In Virginia Beach, I grew up in a Christian home, and going to church was such a major part of my life. Going to church on Sunday was like going to a mini fashion show. Everyone came in their best attire and looked their best. Seeing women dressed in very feminine dresses and suits in church really influences the work I do today. My designs are very reminiscent of the styles I remember seeing as a young child.

Read more of his interview with Design Sponge .

What is your favorite look? Leave me a comment and let me know. I really like the first picture because the model does not match. Mixing and matching prints can be fun. I would never think to match African cloth with plaid!

Thanks for reading & God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

3 thoughts on “Designer Files: Demestiks New York

  1. these designs are fierce!!!! there is so much style in African inspired clothing.Next trip to Ghana is definitely all about updating my wardrobe. thx for sharing 🙂

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