The Naturalista Hair Show

Are you N?


The Naturalista Hair Show (title sponsor  Alikay Naturals) was held on Sunday July 28, 2013  and I had a blast! I had been to about three natural hair shows before this but this was my first time as a volunteer. Initially, I tried out to be “Ms.Naturalista Hair Show” which entailed being the face of the show and a hair model in the hair stylist competition. I was not selected so I decided to be a volunteer. I am a behind the scenes kind of person as opposed to being front and center. However, I would still love to model in a natural hair show one day. Anyways, over 500 guests were in attendance. The doors opened at 2:00pm but at about 1:15pm, there was already a line forming outside. I was excited to see so many fly naturalistas. The show’s founder is  Angela Walker,  owner of the natural hair salon  N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring, MD. The event featured Natural Chica who was the keynote speaker of the blogger panel. She has 130,095 people ( to date, including myself) subscribed to her You Tube natural hair channel. As a result, a lot of the guests attended the show just because of her! I have been subscribed to her You Tube channel since 2009 so I was happy to meet her in person. She is one of the first bloggers I followed while I was transitioning to natural hair and when I did the big chop. I still watch her videos till this day.

There was so much in store for the show’s guests. There was a blogger panel, hair workshops, product demonstrations, plenty of vendors (selling hair products, skin products, accessories, clothing, etc), and a natural hairstylist competition. The hair stylist competition was for both loose hair and locs. Hairstylist Adachi  of  Ankh Holistic Healers  won the competition and $300 cash prize. She came all the way from Texas just to compete in this show. I was assigned to two different workshops. The first was “I Want to be a Natural Hair Blogger/Vlogger” featuring keynote speaker  Natural Chica. This workshop was PACKED, so packed that people were standing up and in the doorway. The next workshop I was assigned to was “Heat-Free Hair: Protective Styling 101” led by Ngozi Opara, owner of Heat-Free Hair. Before the workshops, I was assigned to the information desk. I answered the guests’ questions about the day’s schedule.

I attended the 2012 Baltimore Natural Hair Expo and the Philly Natural Hair show (last May) but this was the best natural hair show that I’ve attended. This is Angela Walker’s first natural hair show so I know that even better shows will come from her in the future. I think it’s amazing that at 25 years old she owns her own salon and I think it’s even more amazing that she put this show together. KUDOS to her and the entire N Natural Hair Studio team! I will definitely volunteer again and who knows, maybe I will be a hair a model 🙂

Below are some pictures from the show that I took with my iPhone. God willingly, next year’s show I will have a  professional camera so I can capture all the natural hair beauty! There was so much!

Ms.Naturalista Hair Show Oluwatoyin Pyne {that’s her pictured on the flyer above}

im age

I loved her mohawk!!!


 Natural Chica and I  🙂 !!

p   hoto

Iyapo, one of the winning hairstylist Adachi’s models.

im nnage

Mayumi, another one of Adachi’s models ( I attended high school & college with Mayumi!!) 🙂


Hair styled by Jay Settles of Lady Like Hair Boutique in Washington DC

im  age

Hair & Beauty Curator  Joulezy and I


Yardley Messeroux (Founder of The Coil Review  and Co Creator of Make Me A Naturalista ) & I


(left to right)  Tarin Boone, founder of Naturally Me Media, Angela Walker (owner of N Natural Hair Studio & the founder of the  The Naturalista Hair Show) and Ms. Naturalista Hair Show, Oluwatoyin Pyne.

g  e

Some of the other volunteers 🙂


I Want to be a Natural Hair Blogger/Vlogger” workshop= PACKED

im   age

Ewurabena & Linda (some lovely ladies that I know <3)


Sigourney, myself and Mayumi ❤ (I attended high school with these lovely ladies)


I AM N !!!! 🙂


The Naturalista Hair Show Recap

Big thank  you for reading and God bless you 🙂

~Amma Mama

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