Her Story, Hair Story

Hello there! My name is Amma and I love natural hair, accessories and fashion. I’ve always wanted to start a blog since I went natural in 2009  but I procrastinated for a number of reasons. Now that I am four years in the game (lol), I think its time to just do me. I love going to natural hair meetups, natural hair shows and I am constantly on natural hair blogs. It’s safe to say I AM OBSESSED with natural hair. My hair was permed from age 7-21. I begged my mom to perm my hair because I couldn’t deal with the pain that I endured anytime she did my hair. My  hair was so thick and I was always crying when she would put a comb to it. As a result, my brother and I begged her to perm my hair. I think my brother was tired of hearing me cry or perhaps he thought I would be cuter with a perm. My mom promised me that she would perm it once I turned seven.

The first picture below is my sixth birthday and my last birthday being  100% natural.  Though I permed my hair, it was always thick and long because I didn’t perm it too often. I mostly wore cornrows  and individual braids (with my own hair).  By high school, my hair was bra strap length. By college it started to thin because I was relaxing and flat ironing it too much. My thick hair was now thin and short. I started to admire the beautiful naturals  I saw on campus and I started visiting Black Girl Long Hair blog daily. I was inspired, encouraged and motivated to do the big chop. I always thought going natural was for certain women, a certain face and certain hair textures  My sister in law did the big chop for me on Oct 11, 2009. I haven’t looked back since! I credit my  big chop to  Chris Rock’s documentary  Good Hair, the battle of my two textures (natural roots and relaxed ends), natural hair bloggers Maeling a.k.a. Natural Chica http://www.naturalchica.com/  and Jess a.k.a Mahogany Curls   http://www.youtube.com/user/MahoganyCurls . This is just a small introduction. I will talk more about my hair journey in other posts and share more  hair pics. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog & God Bless you 🙂




16 thoughts on “Her Story, Hair Story

  1. what i would give for your hair !! so stunning love it!! i will be tuning in can’t wait to read more !!!!! yayyyyy #happydance #soproudofyou

    • Awww thank you!!!!! That is so sweet and touching. Especially, since I LOVE your blog and your style {from head to toe}. Stalk away and thanks so much for stopping by :-)!!!

      ~Amma Mama

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